Meditation List

By using the Meditation List (click on 'Make your Entry'), you will attract the support of the life energy that meditators in the The Awakening Network mobilise and release to anyone in need. We have had some wonderful results over the years and hope that you will share in these with us. It is a way of attracting distant healing, or distance healing for anyone or any thing that you would like to support.

Meditation enables people to access the vital force or life energy that animates everything that exists. When fully available this energy can fulfil any desire, heal any malady, support any undertaking, correct anything, release what is held, open what is closed, quieten what is noisy, enlighten what is in the dark - fulfil all that is needed. The changes that can occur are astounding, the "rightness" of outcomes inspires in many people awe-filled respect of the Ultimate.

The Network's Meditation Lists have been used for years now by many people. We have put them in meditation venues, at workshops, in training sessions. We also have mobile lists that travel around with the Network's principals, Ken & Elizabeth. This aspect of our Website makes the approach available on the Net to anyone who would like to use it.

Try it out for yourself and recommend it to others, if you notice any changes.


You can use the List for anything. You can use it for yourself, or others, for groups, communities, nations, or the world as a whole, for situations, events, outcomes, social issues, shared causes, or for matters of private interest only. Any issue for anyone or anything can be listed.


The simple steps are set out clearly for you. All you need do is to type something brief in the place provided below. The name of the person (first name only), or a brief description of the thing, situation, or event., is all that is required. The whole process stays completely anonymous. Click on the "Make Your Entry" button above.


We would love you to share the results that you associate with the process. Should you find outcomes occur that you can think or feel are to do with the process of the List, then please let us know in the Success Stories part of the List. Click on the "Success Stories" button above.