Love and health for Diana. , For Keaton, his mother and family, real understanding, love and help. , My hand recovers completely , my business transition goes very smoothly and well , Support and healing for Katherine at present , All love to Ruth. Also to Lester. , All love to Kathy and her son Stephen. , All love to Gloria, may she fare well , All love and blessings to Judy S and her family. , Ana needs to respond good to biotherapy. Her son needs her, and we all do, too. She needs to find her love for life and to fight back. Sloba is not well. He needs to be better, so he could make this world better place. Sergej and Leon are ill. Please make them better. And let love show us the way. How to respons to each other with love, respect, light and gentlness. Make love guide us all. , Safe travelling for Katherine. Healing for Keaton and family. , Benny gets her visit visa approved please , Help and strength and connection for Katherine. , Ken and Elizabeth, family and friends, everyone connected to the network-health happiness fulfilment contentment , Mfmcapafrgasihfaphmslihehasiappaiawamhpawabrh , Healing and strength for Dave. , Strength and good health for Katherine for the following days, and for Thursday eye surgery, excellent results and healing. , Healing for Katherine, release from migraines, good vision, I have complete health and strength. , I receive accurate and really helpful advice about super everyone is happy at the outcomes , Apofmll , hi Elizabeth. will you bless catherine. she has been largely in bed [95%] for the last 2 weeks. she has lost her Job and has no income. she has applied for benefits. to back this up she has to complete a hefty form. she is not getting on with it. will you bless her sending the accurately completed form to the right place and this resulting in her being able to live to the life style she is choosing - basically wholly independent, in a small house that she already owns kind regards and love Carl. , Completely safe travelling for Katherine. , recent action turns out well everyone agrees that that all is safe , All love to Tom and the whole of his family. Blessings to Tom entering his body of light. Love to Gwen and Ngawaiata. , KEaawlt,isappaiawappoiaapo,tsandapiapo,mrphbdparwaipiatm,mrifaiip,Ian,ihahsl,iadwieaoml , Help to choose safe travel and meditation in September for Katherine , Safe and rewarding travel for Katherine, meditation contacts. , All love to Tom. Alsp Gwen Ngawaiata and family. , Safety and blessings for Katherine's travel and a meditation training pathway , All love and blessings to the beloved Olive Small and family, Wendy and Peter. , May Jill immediately, completely and permanently resolve her physical and emotional difficulties and enjoy complete peace in her life. May Robin have all the resources he needs to ably support Jill with peace and ease in her journey to recovery. May they connect with all the supportive, helpful and capable professionals that they may need. , May Millie easily and effortlessly overcome the effects of her traumatic childhood and express her authentic self to the full. , Rob and Marian have complete clarity about where they live in their retirement. They are healthy, happy and well in every way. , May Jill have available to her all the inner and outer resources that she needs to successfully complete her MRI scan with ease and comfort, and that the result be positive and helpful for her. May Robin have all the inner and outer resources he needs to support Jill through this process. May they both be healthy, happy and well in every way. , Kayla is successful in her application for 12 months long service leave or something better. , Relief for Jill and support for her husband Robin. , strength kindness and compassion fill my life , Strength for Katherine to travel to Germany if appropriate and meet Mother Meera if appropriate , TB arrives safely in time for the trip , the trip goes easily and well , Jean Wilcox with love for a perfect transition - all spiritual, family, friends and community arrangements are perfect , This new job works out very well everybody happy , This new job works out very well everybody happy , Dear Elizabeth and Kan and all gods, will you bless me and Catherine Pollitt Pollitt and all the pollitts. and dog clover. friendly discorse, intercourse, water course, of course. ta carl m33 , Duncan, Renate, Barbara, Alanna, Katherine, Alan, Marita, Franzi, Markus, Karin , Visa process is kind to BD , friendly and safe job change , best outcome for B's visa , Mrwmoateaamneiewamefae , A full and speedy recovery for Kathie with all her fears and anxieties allayed. , Everyone involved in the Jumping Castle incident in Tasmania , Everyone in North Wales , Ying gets really positive outcomes today everyone is happy with the way forwards , R successfully completes and passes her 3 prac exams today please. S and V finish totally before or when currently expected. Energy, tone and vibration rise. Rel A continues to flourish and improve, with future plans worked through easily, positively, successfully and excitingly. Mutual agreement, benefits and fun. , COP 26 is successful and humanity understands the lack of safety due to feedback loops and tipping points and we have changed our behaviour perfectly to restore a safe climate for all, mrpisawraihmopiewaiasahpavv , Iaapoiahawaifwiw , Gordon M's body of light. , Atpiladpitliewaelasam,wleoechmapoiaapo , A to be back in Vic by 5 Dec so I can meet him. Rel continually improving. Any issues and absences easily navigated. Excellent communication. Complete trust. No MV ever for LRGA. , Sheena Jones complete health. , Beate Koster complete health. , Nice easy day today everything working out simply and well , Nice easy day today everything working out simply and well , I am a great car driver very safe and careful , hi Ken and Elizabeth. Rose - transport, new job, everything. thanks. Bill wells job - all easily perfect. thanks. paul. Darran. Christine, Russ,. the Harbachs. gas safe. Carl m33 - very small hurdles to jump .ta. Catherine m33 - complete health. thanks. carl - grounded connection with the universe, completion. thanks. Mavis Beryl Harbach passed away 8 years ago, [at my wedding in Malvern]. Catherine. Thanks. , Dear K+E. will you bless :- I am the safe running of the new boiler at Jeans 17 Lime Grove today. carl and John working. more to the cswap than previously. Fancy Kitchen in the way. O N B M M, O T S, Biame. ta carl. Rose - moving Jobs, Callum Darran,Catherine - health and freedom, , the Pollitts. the Harbaches. ta muchly, love carl , my inner life is healed.... and I am liberated , I am calm and healed in relation to a. and everything else...wholesome life and my surroundings... , grandmother fully recovered, mother and brother fully recovered. I am fully recovered , Jake, my son, who has severe mental health issues and is in a psychiatric hospital at the moment , Things develop for my very best good , Higjest possible good for Aftab, highest possible good for Pranati , Highest possible good for Ben A. protection, we cooperate for the highest possible good of both of us. , HiK+E and Mary. wanted to pay my membership + yearly repeats. got as far as shopping cart and not as far as secure checkout. tried twice today (sunday). Will you bless the health of Catherine Helen Pollitt M33. she is in bed at mine today. If only she could feel well enough to be vertical rather than horizontal. such a well meaning person is she. shurely she diserves a massive improvement in her health and wealth for the rest of her life. paul.Callum.Rose.Darran.Jake.Christine x2. Russ.John and family. Grandad Raybould. Bob.Mavis. Many thanks. love Carl , Love and support to Elizabeth, Phillip and family. , it is a solas being able to contact you at times...thank you Ken and Elizabeth. After a silly dream I feel nervous about a fairly standard boiler installation being done by me and John Highland (pal, apprentice, plasterer, 47yrs) on 9-11 April 2021. Will you bless things going well and us completing in good timel. Ta. Next:- Catherine and sonDarran and grandsonJake are meeting at 27BeechwoodDr for a jolly time this same weekend. will you bless their perfect reunion and time together. world peace and space and health for all. Raose and Callum. Paul and EVe his daughter. Harbach's. Pollitt's. , hiK+E. Hope all going swimmingly with you. Thank you for blessing me and my gas man exams. I have passed and can work for another 5 years. Will you bless Catherine; I suggested she tell me something I ask you for, for her. She said less greasy hair. Not complete health, not that Darran her son, be back in his feet. I even said that its not illegal to be greedy. Paul please; to have a local woman to share with. Rose wants a farm in North Wales. I want peace for everyone and a way that the world population of humans can reduce harmlessly. love Carl , I have come through this period, healthy, stable, emotionally and psychologically stable... I am love, I am beauty, I am compleetely healthy i am emotionally strong, I am gounded, independent, I am centered in my self.I am poised, I am life, I am safe. Everything that needs resolving is resolved for the hughest good of evveryone involved. , The people / animals of Eastern Australia. Catherine - more vertical - thanks. Darran - playing with dog, visits to son Jake; more talkative - thanks. Paul - new life. Ian + family - doing very well. John my apprentice - college on Thursdays - doing very well. Rose - blossoming. Callum - purpose. Carl - college 23rd march,24th, 29th, 1st April -passing qualification for gas work [ACS] with ease + I am the law of forgiveness throughout my life and world+ everything. ta Carl , I have landed a very well paid role with people that appreciate me , All love to Mark and Sally and family. , Catherine -health, clarity, freedom, joy. Rose - everything, the sublime. Callum - fulfilling work. Darran - a new life. clover - lots of walks. ian - success. Ai + Daniel + kids. john - gas qualified soon + family. Geoff and Karen. Helen Mc Klasian. Carl - Continuing gas qualification for another 5 years +enhanced learning skills + well and capable + happy daily with my partner. , I have landed a very well paid role with people that appreciate me , Duncan & Renate - Perfect Health , Dear K+E. I did once gleen that Elisabeth's birthday was at the end of January. vague recollection, sorry. if so belated congrats. hope you've had jabs if thats what you want. pls pls bless Darren Pollitt. Wife Christine gone. Son Jake gone. taken to hospital yesterday with mental health issues . suisidal. now with Mum Catherine+ dog "clover". Even clover looked worried. want us all to think of and make/magic the best outcome. Will you bless all of this and the stuff ive missed. rose is good. many thanks Carl- im out of my depth. , Hi K+E. Rose-Good.Callum[hubby] furloughed. Catherine at mine this weekend-need to keep her warm, happy,busy, joyful,responsive. Darren[Catherine son] - everything pls. Clover[Darrans dog]-cooperation, bit less doggy. Richard+ wife[computer repair man] all blessings. Coved Jab teams world wide- everything they want/need. carl- health, purpose,joy in Catherines company etc, full-life-girl (she's57). Paul[my twin]-local pals, joy in painting,etc. Uttam[next door]- full cooperation between us. Neighbours-mutual love. Carls family-mutual love. Many thanks K+E , Hi K+E. pls Bless. Rose and Callum - personal growth. wealth. Catherine - Calmn in the storm, everything. Darran [Catherines son]- purpose, rebuilding. Mavis [carls mum] fulfilment. Walter and family. Thakur-praise. Paul-local friends, help. William Beck-joy, spirituality. carl -health, fitness, purpose, joy. Everyone-health, peace, enough. Ta carl , Maxen eating regularly Maxen showering and wearing clean clothes daily I am Responsible Om Shri Kali Namah Maxen , Catherine of M33 =complete health and peace of mind. Darran [Catherines son]= Peace of mind, clear thinking, healthy living. carl =purpose [thanks for boost], health, sense of direction. Paul [carls brother]= local friends, more meditation Rose=Everything, family life Callum [roses Husband]=pleasurable work the whole world = destructive virus free. many thanks carl , Protection, perfect outcome for me , Safe travels and good outcomes for Katherine. , Callum [roses husband] Income. Rose everything. Catherine health fitness. Carl purpose, gods love. Christine [caths mum] Joy. Ian [caths twin] everything. paul a partner. john [carls work mate] fulfilment, strength]. ta carl xxx , hi K+E will you bless Joseph and I will you bless catherine will you bless Rose and Callum will you bless my progress willlyou bless paul ta carl , Happy people , The truth , empathy and compassion , I am completely protected, alive and absolutly everything that needs resolving is resolved , Everything turns out for my highest good with everyone at work. , I see everything as it is. , Everything turns out for my highest good with everyone at work. , Perfect day tomorrow, everything turns out for mine and everybody elses highest good. I am brave, safe and everything needed comes at the perfect time and perfect way. Peace and hapiness and I move forward in yhe best way for me , Get out of a pickle successfully , Everything is moving for my highest and deepest good. , Energy for Katherine , Protection, everything resolved for the highest good of everyone involved , All love and support for Jing and her family especially now , Katherine is strong and well. , The conflict w A. is resolved for the highest good of everyone involved. , Best possible relationship w Andy, for the highest good of both of us. , Best possible relationship w my flatmate, for the highest good of both of us. , Self love , J's new job is working out well everything is going smoothly , the perfect result was achieved for Benjawan everyone is happy with the outcomes and she recovered easily , Hi K+E+M. will you bless the life of Catherine P of m33. She has been horizontal for days. we looked after her grandson Jake on Monday. 9 hours. taking him home Cath had a nervous bladder episode, got home and has been in bed since. she may be up today. I hope so and eating/bathing normally etc. she has been responding a bit - nods, water, biscuits. we need a miracle. Refusing relaxation tape after many iterations. Shares are at 231+ and down on trump news - bless his cotton socks. haven't heard from Rose -busy in the week. love carl , Hi K+E, Hi Mary. will you bless Catherines progress. she is largely thro the Op. just a few stiches to come out. this time of year autumn she gets more depressed. horizontal for days. just the loo and a little drink/eating. im going back there now to play the relaxation cd and hold her. we need miracle. pls bless Paul back in England now and Leah. will you bless my share dealing. im taking less risk after March. if I could at least get back to 239 that would be good. pls bless Rose and her chickens too. Rose love carl , Self love , resolved for my and everyone's involved highest good. , David gets the perfect job - thank you. , Registration is approved quickly and easily - thank you. , Perfect partner , Protection, perfect resolution , many many thanks for you help with Catherines Operation, Ken and Elizabeth. she is back home. she came down stairs for a little today. she has taken few pain killers # unnecessary. she had 2 surgeons. she was home after 18 hours. she is mending nicely. kind regards carl harbach. Rose has 3 new chickens, brillo, pig, and one other? total now back up to 5. if you could bless her paying the vets bills. will you bless my emotional equilibrium. ta carl , Dear Ken and Elizabeth, Catherine is in the Spire Hospital for surgery right now. will you bless her perfect progress until I collect her from the green zone later today,and then for the rest of her life; and me too. happy birthday ken for the 15th sept. ta carl ots, biame, om nama bagavat mata meera, clean krishny nama, aum shri kali nama. sad there is no Triganos , Hi K+E. Catherine Helen Pollitt [m33] has her operation booked at the Spire medical place on Barlow moor Rd {you did a workshop on Barlow moor once 20? years ago}. At 7 am 1 Sept 2020. it involves a general anaesthetic. pls bless here successful passage through this to a happy life beyond. I will be driving her etc. Rose is happy with Callum and learning some sort of accountancy to get a better job. im wondering if I'll be a granddad. Pls bless us all. many thanks, carl. , Graham - free from COV19, perfect health and healing, Marg -perfect healing and health, Sienna - emotional healing and peace, Lisa, David - perfect job offer, Flynn, Nate, Michael, Amy, Ryan, Harrison. My registration is processed quickly, easily and free from problems, perfect healing and health. , hi K+E. Will you bless the complete health of Catherine Hellen Pollitt[M33].She has a pre-operation meeting at St Marys Hospital Manchester on Mon 24 Aug2020 at 8.45 am. The goal is to remove a large cist [+other necessary stuff only] from inside her tummy. the operation is planned for Sept 1st. This presupposes that she manages her "long sleep" periods around these events. She has done well at this managing lately. At 57 she is my baby. I want us to spend our lives together. Will you bless Rose, 30,and family of 1 hubby,4cats,5?chickens,etc And bless my everything, world health/peace, Jim Hirsh, those that love you and those that don't know you yet. I guess the numbers are growing. love Carl Harbach. , Benny is safe n well with her health back to normal everyone celebrating this outcome , Benny is safe n well with her health back to normal everyone celebrating this outcome , All love to Tom and Gwen. , May Victoria be free of the COVID-19 epidemic as quickly and painlessly as possible. May people have all the resources they need to self-isolate safely. , Our new cottage in Moyston is safe from all harm. We have an abundance of helpful friends to look after the property until we can get there. , Love, healing, a happy life , Love and support for Alexandra and Robert. Love and support for Daphne , Mike, Simon and family. , Good health and healing for Diana, and for Dawn. , Graham - healing & perfect health, Marg - healing from burns, protection in hospital from coronavirus, healing from her loss of Jack, Sienna - emotional healing, the will to live, be open to love and suggestions which will help her move through this difficult time, perfect professionals to help her with strategies and healing, Lisa - healing and strength to support Sienna, David, Flynn, Nate, Michael - healing, Amy, Ryan, Harrison, Wendy - healing and perfect health, Dan, Stewart, Jane, Elliott, Max, Tiff, Dave, Ailish, Tom, John. , Love to Arch and family and Diana. , Rod opens more we have more love for one another , Help Bev to leave as she passes from this world to the next give healing energy to the whole family , Protection from g. , Elizabeth perfect health, Ken, peace, ease, Renee and Matt, Tess and family Kate Philips, , Floyd George the US people suffering through the pandemic , Love into light for Eric and whatever is needed for his family. , Healed relationship bt a.w. and myself.I have a healthy, strong life force. , Parcel arrived safely and easily, thank you , For Arch, and his family and friends. , Thank you, l have retained my position at the pharmacy. The owner thinks highly of me and trusts me, as do all of the other staff. I am this perfect outcome. Thank you! , Blanch to feel better and heal appropriately and move through this process with ease , Puku , All that is needed for Arch. Relief, release and love for him and his family. , perfect relationship with my flatmate, in the sense where it should be for the highest good of both, everything that needs resolving is resolved, financial issues resolved in the best possible way and I know and understand everything I need to know and understand and the way forward is clear to me, smooth transition in the next months, I am healthy, I am love, I am happy, I am intelligence, I move in and recognise the right direction. I forgive where forgiveness is needed, and digest everything beautifully. , Protection, safety and good health for Katherine, and for Diana and John. , Aftab, perfect friendship with Aftab where it should be , Perfect discussion with friend, thank you , I am the perfect conversation with my sister - I am grounded, clear, heart centered, the right words come to me easily, l respond rather than react if l find something she says difficult. My sister is open, patient, understanding, empathetic and compassionate. I am the perfect outcome - Thank You ! , Love and ease for Arch and family. , Everything is resolved, and I continue living a happy life. Healthy stomach , Instant decision to support XY application was achieved everyone relieved at the outcome , Ease and healing for Dawn. , All love to Tessa and family. Protection and healing for Dawn. , I am beautiful and everybody loves me , protection, everything that needs resolving is resolved for the highest good of everyone involved , All love and support for Arch. , if I need it, a perfect place in between , absolutely perfect flat in every way, I and everyone involved are completely happy, everything is working out for the highest good of everyone involved. , best possible unfolding of my health and I make the wisest healthiest and happiest decisions, all is love , protection, everything that needs resolving is resolved for the highest good of everyone involved , healthy gut and heathy adrenals, healthy gut-brain axis , Continued love support and healing for Dawn and parents. , peaceful outcome w. a. , thanks Universe, best possible relationship with E, I continue on my road to health, physical and emotional, I am able to be my true self , perfect outcome at today's check up, perfectt support, getting all the help i need i a l and supported, I am perfectly healthy and my body is balanced and kind to itself , perfect outcome at today's support meeting , All love to Ian Smith and his family and friends. The best possible outcomes for land people and animals affected by bushfires. , complete f health everything I need comes at the right time , strength , my voice awakened in a safe and healthy way , a life of self love and free from negative and unwanted attachments, healing of traumatic past events , self love , healthy life now and moving forward , good fortune for my younger brother, all perfect doors opening for him, good fortune for the whole family , Karl perfect health , perfect flat BV at the perfect time, price, flatmates and location, thank you , love and loving support. I am whole. , Healing for Dawn. , perfect flat price location flatmates and timing. , Please look after Tessa and family, All love to her. Also the boy with an undiagnosed condition. , I navigate my relationships perfectly and beautifully , I move on in a perfect understanding, I am healthy on all levels, I am love, strength, happiness , resolved relationship w G. for the highest good of both, I move on in a healthiest possible way , perfect resolution with relationship with K. it is the best for the highest good of everyone, perfect resolution w A. the best outcome for the highest good of everyone., I get all the support I need from the right people, my life is going in best possible direction, love, beauty, perfect understanding, faith , stable and abundant financial situation, perfect health, stability and happiness, great secure holiday season, perfect job resolution everyone is happy and the pay is just right , Dear Elizabeth. I couldn't see how to put this on the Reike list. Catherine Helen Pollitt [m33] has spent most of the last 5 weeks horizontal as we call it [in bed] for the short periods that she has been up she has found doing physical things difficult. she has not attempted the yoga [your book close to hand] for months. I am worried for us both. will you bless her progress to complete health and my persistence in helping with this. she uses an old style medication because of a botched attempt to change her to something modern some years ago. thanks carl , Dear Ken and Elizabeth, Rose wants to have a baby soon. Her employers don't pay sickness or maternity leave. She is looking for an employer that does. will you bless her getting one. many Thanks. carl , Dear Ken and Elizabeth. I want to make money in abundance from the stocks and shares I hold and will hold. I want easily to pay for whatever Catherine needs to recover. A brain scan or whatever. I don't know. I want the value of the shares to go up not down in order for me to indulge Catherine in whatever way is healthy for her and promotes her growth to being completely healthy and beyond. love carl , Dear Ken & Elizabeth, will you bless the complete health of Catherine Helen Pollitt of Manchester M33.thank you. carl , All love to Lilly. Love and support for Australian people and animals . All love and healing to Dawn. , k.good. , Graham - perfect healing, health and happiness, Wendy - perfect healing, health and happiness - thank you. , Safe travels and the best musical outcome for Katherine in Christchurch , perfect outcome at tomorrow's interview , Best possible outcome for resolution of Miriam and Adam's difficulties. , All love and healing for Dawn and her family, Love for Olive and her family. , Mike is enjoying excellent health. , Sustainability of life in all its forms on earth, restoration of nature and our ecological systems including the biosphere, adequate reporting of the current climate emergency, people everywhere understand the fact that 1.5 degrees of warming may not preclude tipping points leading to hothouse earth and human extinction , Graham - perfect healing for his foot, the infection has completely gone, he is in perfect health - thank you. Wendy , Safe travels and best outcomes for Katherine over the next week. , Sunny Side of Swing great gig 12 Oct 20+ attenders and dancers, Claire and Peter, Claire ideal solution work, , All love and help for Katherine, this week and next. , My kidneys perfect immediate health , I am disengaged completely from an unhealthy attachment and move forward in the best way , healing, perfect way forward , I easily give and receive love , A perfect new flat , All love to Bryan and Anne and family. love and support to Ruth and Lester. , Strong self love, protection, everything turns out beautifully for me at work , How do I atay awake spi itually , A perfect outcome for me , All love and healing for Katherine , All love and support for Ruth and Lester. , perfectly closed , Protection, light, truth , Easy travel exciting in good ways, v decide n everyone accepts the result , perfect health of my lower chacras , healing where it's needed to remove a. , support , perfect solution to current situation at work, happiness and prospperity , truth g & b, creative resolution w andy , Graham perfect health and healing - thank you. , Lisa and my relationship is filled with happiness, joy, lightness, fun, harmony, connection, closeness, love and gratitude - our hearts are expanding, thank you. , Lisa and my relationship is filled with love, openness, compassion, understanding, healing, blessing and love - thank you. , hi k+e. will you bless the complete health of Catherine Helen Pollitt M33. and Benjie the budgie who went to the vets yesterday. love carl. will you bless Rose Elizabeth Higgins and her having a full and happy life. And all the other Harbaches. , Thank you for the perfectly successful operation for Graham, support for doctors and medical staff performing the operation. Perfect healing - quick and easy. Graham has a positive attitude towards the surgery. Love, healing and support - thank you. Lisa, David, Sienna, Flynn, Nate, Michael, Amy, Ryan, Harrison, Tiff, Dave, Ailish, Tom, Wendy. , healing of the first and second chacra , My job interview went perfectly on Friday, everyone is happy, I have a perfect closure with my current job, I move towards my highest good, love and happiness. , All love support and safety for Diana in her travels and John also. , Rel perfect in every way. Continual improvement. Both very happy content positive and loving. Ideal balance of communication freedom support and security. Lorne Sept and Canada 2020 together. Reg con int 30. , lovr, self--love, compassion towards self and others, guided by love , perfect outcome for job interview on Friday , Good recovery and health for Diana and safe travels , understanding who and what purpose serve in my life and what is the reason behind their t. and me understanding it in a healthy way. I discover and follow my higher self , I Am healthy my cancer is healed Graeme Ben Alex Paul Narelle Glenys Terry Mia Layla , A healthy place to live , everything is transforming into wisdom and beauty, , for this to all go well, I am happy healthy and strong , perfect solution for my living circumstances and work.Involvment with right people for me, and knowledge to tell who they are. Know how to be secure in myself and strength to endure whatever comes my way. Right livelihood si that I don't get into sticky situations w people. , The concepts if hvn to be promoted all around the world and blessings to all involved. , healthy s., healthy whole being, happiness and freedom within , Rel wonderful! Happy, content, patient and loving. Security and freedom. Space and connection given easily from both sides when needed. Communication positive and flowing. Best friends. Minimum once a week, fortnightly, 30+. , A safe, healthy transition into understanding, acceptance of my self and my life as a whole, finding best possible ways of dealing with it each step , love, support, acceptance, healing , Giovanna, Peter , perfect development out of the friendship with seb, for our highest good , Masa - all good things.... , Gato is protected and has a healthy way ahead , healthy brain , protection , I am allowing myself to be healed , presence , Perfect new job , I have completely gotten out A. out of my system , my digestion works beautifully, I am completely grounded , perfect goodbye w Lliam , M. test went beautifully , divine protection as long as I need it , healthy natural speed , healthy day , healing , grounded in beauty, feeling safe, healthy with a beautiful future , I am open to love , healthy gut physically and emotionally , Self love , I am less judgmental, accepting, non labeling and dealing with people who are strange or threatening to me the best possible way , Jan's medical procedure and result was/is perfect , Approval by HA now everyone satisfied , Gato , hope , My identity beautifully sorted, I am happy and calm , the perfect way ahead for my life , perfect outcome , Healing for William and his perfect paid employment , good med session, peace and harmony , ability to see and accept the truth , release of pressure from my stomach , A & I both developing on spiritual path; E.K. His wound is starting to heal. Rel is awesome and continues to head in right direction. Monogamous, committed, trustworthy and loving. Deep friendship with mutual loyalty, respect, honesty and communication. , the best vetsion of or relationship with srb, for the highest good of both , peace between me and a., best possible outcome at work on all levels , My pain management a perfect outcome , confidence... , Visa decided very quickly everyone is satisfied with the outcome , guidance , intellectually stimulating company, growth, success, good, supportive, living people in my life. Healthy femininity, I am the best version of my self , safety , My illness is dealt with professionally and with great success Graeme Ben Alex Mia Layla Narelle Paul Glenys Terry Jeff Viv P A Elmo my doctors and nurses , a perfect cv and job , best possible relationship with Neil , perfect outcome in the flat, I am happy, relaxed and feel at home , Rel is wonderful and continues to improve. Best friends adding layers of love, adventure and fun. Unbreakable bonds. All good! No stress, vulnerability, anxiety or negativity. My mindset is awesome! Number 1 for the long term. We are strong, positive, passionate, happy, calm, confident and fulfilled in every way! , excellent, productive meetings with great healthy changes implemented. A healthy working relationship. , My chemo and radiotherapy treatment a perfect outcome , Nice, calm, healthy day. I have completed everything that needs to be done. , All my projects at work are completed fantastically, I get a promotion and higher pay. , Best resolution with my flatmate, for the higher good of everyone involved... , Everything that needs clearing up and resolving with G is resolved, the best possible relationship... , Great situation at the current flat... , A great successful, intelligent, creative, beautiful career, where I love my self and am loved and appreciated, respected, excellently paid, beautiful opportunities await me. , My chemo treatment , Please help me to heal to not be so stressed and to get motivated and to find a job so I dont have financial stress also my weight keeps dropping off , Claire & Peter & Sunny Side of Swing Tea Dance great attendance and wonderful success, excellent singing, dancing & playing, , The courts decision is quick and easy , Graeme is pain and cancer free free Ben Alex Narelle Mia Layla Paul Eben Glenys Terry Elmo Ginger , support, clarity, lucidity , I have an excellent reputation, I am lovely and everybody likes (loves) and respects me, all doors open to me. I live everyday in the present and am happy. Svi me miluju , Success at current job , release from the colleague's pathology, healing and growth a wonderful amazing job that is well paid. A wonderful and safe time for my holidays. A wonderful time for my birthday. A great excursion to M Island. I have finished my current projects. I and everyone involved is very happy, all projects exceed expectations. I am satisfied and this leads to great things. I am resistant to any mental and emotional influence from not well meaning people. I am safe and well away from controlling people. Everybody respects and appreciates me, my boundaries are respected by everyone, I am an independent thinker, noone has access to my mind, or any other part of me without my permission. Only good and safe people are around me I recognise, am above and deal in the beat possible way with bullsh. I am clarity, protection, safety, intelligence and success. I am health, I am love. I got through this in the best possible way. , great meeting , The property settlement a perfect outcome for all , successful meeting, protection from colleague, best possible resolution of relationship w colleague, for good. , Rel is fabulous, everything I hoped for. Continues to improve. Love based on deep, commited, respectful, kind, caring friendship. O/W no problem for us. ARC always high. Periods of travel and time apart bring us closer. Long term mutual partnership with reg int. L 4th-6th perfect in every way! , help with current situation, I am safe, I am healthy, I know how to protect and defend myself. I am in a better position (safe and healthy) immediately. , My cancer treatment a perfect outcome , The loan application a perfect outcome a perfect outcome for all with the property settlement , nice and safe trip , flexibility, healthy s , Graeme Ben , A perfect resolution to current work situation. Great new opportunities open up and I have a wonderful job that is well paid and am happy and have positive supportive people around me. Happiness, growth and realisation. , My coming operations a perfect outcome , Safety and kindness , quick positive decision for G , good strategies for coping during the wait , remove negative attachments, healthy and fully centred . Building positive relationships, respectful. , Judy, Chris, Viv, their family, Eric & family, Ance, Mike, Jane, H and D, MJ, Mum, E, Sandra, G*, Brexit all resolved wonderfully, cooperation, harmony and union; R and M hols, JAEJ & S, MRHJ, Anne, tony and family, Dad*, Beryl*, John*, Graham*, H and J, COT summer term, AT, AMT, J, V, O & C, RC, V, JMB, kate* steve* , My health a perfect outcome Graeme Ben Alex Paul Mia Layla Eben Glenys Jeff Viv , compassion for my self all right to the end , complete healing of current situation relating to my wellbeing , Perfect people to buy neighbour's house - people who will leave the house as it is and not build a second-story to the house and spoil our view. They are considerate, loving, kind, open-hearted, easygoing people. Thank you for the perfect outcome. , All love to those in ChCh and support for the PM. Love also to Zaynab and her family. , i have come through this perfectly healthy, and the perfect outcome to this situation for my highest good, all is well , i have come through this perfectly healthy, and the perfect outcome to this situation for my highest good, all is well , the best outcome of this day , the best out of all the situations , perfect outcome at the meeting today , an outcome for my highest good re situation at work. , The urology group meeting about my cancer a perfect outcome , a good day , Love and support and good outcomes for Brian and Ann. Good healing and complete health for Katherine. , best way to get through the day , Graeme perfect health , May Rob's career move in a direction that will satisfy his creativity and be joyful. , support , perfect outcome at the catch up , protection and good guidance along the way , Christine & Ernest - complete health, Claire SSoS, Swing Train, Camp Canary, ideal dance partner, Shroton Ukes, Shirley complete health, Caroline & Martin, Laurie, Anna, Di & Frida, Paul, Johnny & Jacquie, Andrew & Val, Dan & Abbey, Ben & Lauren, all at PPC, , healthy endocrine system , got through the current situation beautifully, I feel happy, healthy, successful and have loving, respectful relationships in my life, things are always working out for me , Rel continues to be wonderful fun trusting loving close with REG I. O/W handled easily. Travel and adventure. Enjoyment. Positive and long term. Fantastic. , self-care , help at work to feel well , Resolitiom of the relationship at work in the best possible way, I am happy, free and moving on on my own beautiful way, learn from it and never repeat the mistake again, I am happy, I am healthy, I have beautiful fulfilling relationships, I have a satisfying job that pays well, I have a partner and am in a loving fulfilling relationship, The works on the house are underway, all toxic and damaging people are out of my life , Ben , will you bless the complete health of Catherine Helen Pollitt of M33 [Manchester]. will you bless my helping her. thank you for your help with Rose. she seem good now. lets bless everyone lovecarl , love, light and truth , protection , feeling alive and participating in life fully, no regrets , a good day , *Lucas* John - a strong heart, perfect health and abundant energy. , honest relationships , Both meetings today Ben I Am healthy , healthy foundations, deep care for myself, healthy communication with my self, understanding, letting go when the time is right, belong to my self, make my own decisions, resistant to influence from others, my own free will, healthy human being, healthy relationships with others , I am safe and know always what the best thing for me to do, and do it, everything turns for the highest good of both of us , strong teeth, moving into love , digesting everything beautifully and moving forward , healing of family relationships , understanding of the situation w sh. and the best way forward , protection , deep peaceful and restorative sleep every night , deep compassion, understanding and growth , Graham - perfect healing, perfect health, the will to walk again, hope, positive thoughts, persistence, Wendy , allies, harmony in the flat everyone is their perfect position, kindness and understanding , Strong, solid me, pushing through, creativiti alive and productive , acceptance , presence , Complete healing, everything that needs to be healed is healed and perfect outcome and happiness. 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Forgiveness and moving on , I Am complete health , A perfect resolution for both , perfect resolution of this situation. safety, health, sucess, happiness, beauty, learning, beautiful relationships. , Complete healing, everything that needs to be healed is healed and perfect outcome and happiness , Best possible decision regarding whether to stay or go from this job, and the best outcome for everyone involved, so that we're at the maximum of our happiness. , My kidney operation I Am perfect health , good luck , Meg through easily and quickly , Learn tonalities and harmonies and use them in everyday life with the divine feminine , Perfect relation today, perfect outcome overall , self love and acceptance , Prebrodila sam osecaje i prihvacena aam od sebe i od drugih , Protection from energy vampires , Complete healing of the relationship, peace, healing, safety and stability, and happiness, healthy acceptance. 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Da mi posao uspesno i produktivno ide, i da svi upleteni budu zadovoljni. Da nadjem odlicne prijatelje i odlicne aktivnosti osim posla , Da se divno zavrsi izmedju nas dvoje.... , Da se divno zavrsi izmedju izmedju dvoje , Please resolution of this right to the end................. , We as a species understand that we are now living in the epoch of the anthropocene, which means that we are living in an epoch of rupture of Earth System. We understand that we are all in this together. We understand that globally, at the very least, millions of people, and 60% of animals have died since 1970 because of our unsafe climate. We affirm that we have saved ourselves. , Nicole , Al* Regina Romy Kristina Margaret Gunther Gaby all his family and friends Caroline Sonya Peter Karin Brett Jasper Jasmine Nathan Megg Gerda Karl , Ajay Rosemary Nicole , Monthly I with no jealousy or negative repercussions. O/W handled perfectly between us. No key ins. Mutual love, loyalty, trust and respect. 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My persistence with artistic Alex, Ingrid and Simone, during this festive period. , Rosemary Ajay, perfect outcome housing, Vern, daughters perfect healing, John, Sonya, Belinda, Felicity, Bianca, Nicole, poffsfmaBoqap, NPHbrap, Jules, Maree, Sally,Lloyd perfect healing and recovery, Jenny, Olivia, Chris, Blake, an easy summer in Oz, drought breaking rains where they are needed , Ingrid perfect healing in all aspects of her life.....perfect work outcomes now. , T has decided to take a break from his medicaton and he feels fantastic. 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