We are interested in the what happens after you make your entry on the list. Please feel free to make an entry telling us the results you have got. What happened?


The list is cleared regularly.


  1. My melanoma biopsy came back clear. Pranams Mother

  2. Lots of people and events and places seemed to have benefitted from being put on this list and the results continue to roll on * a young woman who was unemployed for years and suicidal now has a voluntary position doing what she loves with a helpful mentor who runs a community house at the end of the street where this young woman lives without a car. She also has a new relationship. *Every year I have put an event I co-ordinate on the list Sustainable House Day (in Geelong) and it has been increasingly succesful in attracting support of all kinds eg volunteers, homeowners offering homes to open, sponsors, financial support from local council, media, visitors on the day * A relative's family where there were a number of difficulties; some of them deep seated and persistent, have increasingly been getting resolved with wonderful outcomes * Having put Geelong on the list, the networks of people taking responsibility for all sorts of things like food security, climate change etc have increased and some great partnerships and projects are being created * A course i organised a while ago was full with 27 people attending with good feedback from all concerned and many of the participants are frinds now and still in contact. * A community event at my home 2 days ago attracted double the numbers of people i expected and everything went well and people said they had a great time and learned useful things. lots of love and laughter.

  3. Thank you! My training was a success. I had high praise and very good feedback from both my peers and course tutor.

  4. I use this meditation list quite regularly. I have certainly noticed a few changes since I started putting in requests in the healing and meditation lists. My illness was finally diagnosed and now I can concentrate on getting healed. My relationship(s) are improving. I look forward to many more successes as I am sure there is more to come. Thank you.

  5. On August 25th BHP Billiton decided to postpone it's decision to expand the Olympic Dam Uranium mine by 5 kilometers.

  6. Last April at the Awakening Network workshop i wanted to manifest a home I owned and this April I now have one!

  7. One of my stepmother's close relatives was on death's door and is looking like recovering

  8. Recently I put the names of a family on the list, they were all struggling, alone and traumatised. I had no contact with them for about a month then I was told how they had suddenly - and 'out of the blue' reconnected with another family member, which has been a great delight for them all. It has also lead to great changes and support for this mum and her 5 children. What Blessings and unfoldings. Thankyou.

  9. I'm enjoying results so far of my endeavours to meet like minded people in the local community. Also, I'm enjoying using this computer which is very cost effective and in place due to very generous free support from within the community. I'm enjoying my work and have a better deal coming up financially. I've also been enjoying reconnecting with some of the people I love. I'm grateful.

  10. I was doing the creative release meditation for abundance, and I was imagining that with abundance I would be in Bali with my friends, feeling the warm breeze on my skin, feeling the lush green vegetation - and then the same day i found out that we have been invited to a wedding in Bali in january!

  11. after some stressful driving lessons with Dec I put great outcomes on the list and our last lesson was actually fun, reverse parking and car-park parking achieved easily in a relaxed way with much laughter and Dec is feeling confident and I am much more relaxed! thank you! ,

  12. I always get the guidance I need

  13. test

  14. Charlie has a place on the course she wanted and a wonderful flat. Thank you so much

  15. ENLIGHTENMENT....... :)

  16. I asked for the new job and got it. Thanks everyone.

  17. I asked for Sian to get the job and she did. Thank you so much.

  18. Thank you. Mike died in his sleep and was without pain. His mother Margaret sends her thanks to you all for your support.

  19. I asked for the perfect home to rent and got it! A nice spacious, cheap house with a huge yard in a central location. Thank you.

  20. Thank You everyone. I now have a great connection with my son Julian.

  21. Thanks for your help with the email system everyone

  22. Dear Everyone, About 7 weeks ago I put my name on the meditation list. At that time I was in the process of healing my ankle from a fracture. My cast has now come off. My ankle has completely mended itself and most of my previous flexibility is restored. I also feel completely Healthy and confident in that. Thank you for all your support and meditations which have contributed to this outcome. Love and Gratitude, Sara

  23. tomorrow's meeting a perfect outcome

  24. I put my birthday dance on the list and I and others said they had a great night. Also a friend brought some beautiful chanting music to dance to which brought a "Divine" energy in. Thank you everyone.

  25. I want to express my gratitude as I have been asking for the perfect job for my daughter. She has been unemployed for over 6 months....applying for positions and it has been a very demoralising eperience...BUT now she has been receiving positive feedback and has been offered a job and she is exuberant...I am grateful .

  26. I put a performance night on the list (for a songwriter's comp I entered) and it was a lovely night. Lots of great things happened to support me and one of the judges told me that though I didn't win, I was the other option. Thank You everyone.

  27. My father is still alive and comfortable more than a year after he was diagnosed with what was being described as untreatable terminal cancer. The speciallist is saying he did not expect my father to still be alive, and he has lived longer than anyone else the specialist has known with the same symptoms.

  28. I put Nth Qld on list as the cyclone approached and not only did all residents stay alive but it was also downgraded from a rating 5 to a less serious rating 3.

  29. I was notified and attended a 4 week parenting adolescents course which was great after asking for support. Thank You all.

  30. I put a friend on the list some time ago who has easily given up smoking now for 2 months (which has previously been an enormous struggle and he has gone back to it quickly). He has also found supportive people who either don't smoke or who've given up recently.

  31. Suzan is dilighted to advise that her brother Douglas whome you have all helped is now officially in remission fron cancer. He has one more step to go to recect his bowel soon . He is planning a nice long train trip holiday and is glad to be through the last 12 months. He acknowledges and is thankful for all the loving support he has recieved. I also am thankful for all the loving support i have recieved throughout this time. Thank you and Bless you all

  32. Hi All, In mid December and not long Before Christmas I hurt my my foot/ankle badly during an seemingly innocous movement at Karate. It was initially thought this was a broken foot. This was bad timing also I wanted to purchase a new house in the New Year. I want to finalise the purchase and move in the house but unclear on the final purchase price and the date of settlement, and unsure of my phyciscal capability to do finalise any of this during the peak of record hot summer. At the time I put myself and the whole situation on the Meditation and Reiki lists. All worked out wonderfully well with my diagnosis being a badly sprainded foot with mild ankle injury, negotiating a good price for the house and early settlement date, and removalists who were marvolous in the their efforts in moving us in the heat and into a multi storied house. Best of all, my foot/ankle recovered in less than one month(I was told it would take at least 6 weeks by a physiothereapist) without crutches to the point I was able to go back to Karate and also negotiate moving through a house with 7 levels! Thanks and blessings to all Biame and other mediators and all Biame and other Reiki practitioners.

  33. Had a wonderful time in Tasmania with my father(which I put on the list). Thank You everyone.

  34. The Wellbeing day I organised with a friend was magnificent for all concerned. As well, a father and son I put on the list who were not speaking to each other for years are now reunited.... and many more great outcomes.Thank you everyone.

  35. I put Julian and myself on the list regularly and all sorts of assistance has come. He is now applying himself to a balanced range of activities where he had no interests previously and has improved measurably in other areas. He achieves great marks in school tests regularly now too.

  36. On request, I put 2 friends who run their own businesses and were struggling on the list and both are overflowing with work

  37. Thanks to all - Barni returned, safe and well.

  38. I put my friend's mother on the list who has been diagnosed with cancer. She had a chemo treatment and my friend reported that she's going really well. Julian is doing really well this year at school (he said he'd made a decision to behave better and we just got a report which is a huge improvrmrnt and has a few "very goods" and "excellents". As well he has a girlfriend and has a "date" today. Thank you everyone. The list is a dream come true enabling me to care and be cared for.

  39. Dear Everyone Thank you for helping me sell my business easily and thank you Ken and Elizabeth for your inspiration

  40. Thank You everyone. 1. I have a wonderful new job 2. Things are going really well with my son

  41. Last week first time I did my entry, I had a job offer, and interview invitations are flowing my way. I am feeling happy and positive, thanks to everyone.

  42. Some months ago I used this list for support with finding the perfect premises for The Counselling Group which is the name of my counselling and psychotherapy group practice. I am delighted to report that we have found perfect premises. The process of finding these premises is an extremely interesting one. The office we have shifted to (this weekend past)was actually there all along throughout my looking for it!!! But I did not recognise it for what it was until I had been through a lot more looking at premises that were eminently not suitable. I needed to learn that sometimes the first thing that comes is actually quite perfect. Once I decided to go ahead and rent these premises with my colleague then another perfect aspect of the shift fell into place. Another colleague contacted me to find out if she could sublease from my new office from me for two days a week. This request answered a prayer of mine for financial support in the rental of the new office which is more than our old premises had been. Now I call that very interesting!!!

  43. perfect blessed relation for me, Michael with all concerned: Marianne, Lukas, Simon, Annica, David, Tilly. Perfect development and outcome for all these relations. Perfect brilliant development for combyte, great success in business;

  44. I needed the perfect thrift expert for a new show-in-development. Eliz suggested I put it up on the Meditation List. I did several times over 3 days. On the final day I screentested an expert who turns out to be perfect! Result. Now I'd like the show to be commissioned and for me to write the best-selling book of the series. Perfect outcome, perfect outcome.

  45. I have been in a realationship over 8 years and my partner has been afraid to make the commitment or move forward but wants to be with me.He has been doing everything to upset me and then sweet again. I feel I am always last. He doesn't includes me in his life and has ways he doesn't to be part of my ie, family and friends. It's become 2 individuals having seperate lives. He is very comfortable with the situation but I had enough. I would like him not to block his fear and move forward and yes I will make the commitment, also have a normal partnership. I would like him to accept fault and resolve our disagreement a few days ago. This time I wish to have no more history repeating itself.

  46. Sometimes events happen in my life which I find so overwhelming that I feel unable to look beyond the pain they cause me. This time round I felt very sad and angry and unforgiving and wondered, whether I would be able to get out of this fixed state of my mind which, deep down, I knew didn't do me or anybody else any good. Time and again I find the centering meditation really helpful because seing my situation through the eyes of my observer allowes me to understand a conflict from a much broader perspective and the immediate pain is replaced by an understanding for others involved in the conflict, including the person who caused it. And so once again I will grow through an event that I thought was impossible to have any positive aspects to it.

  47. Success in realigning social relationships for continuing growth and healing in some of Normandy St. The process is always two way and I marvel at the ability of those who facilitate it on a larger scale. It has been continuing for over ten years with intervention at critical points proving remarkably successful. I have been using the time line, mainly and looking ahead for more than one person. I learnt this process at one of the meditation workshops a long time ago. The fact that one person is living beyond the illness prediction has influnced many many people in a selected community. I am proud of my contribution. Wendy

  48. i have been adding my wishes to the meditation list for several years now. My life continues to become richer, more loving, more open, and more free, thank you to all who meditate and support the wishes on the list!

  49. I put a number of things I need help with on the list, it hasn't happend over night but is has happened life seems to be getting back on track. Thank-you

  50. I have found that when I add a wish to the List it either realizes sooner or later, or it is enhanced and I get closer to the realisation of it... Thank you to all who participate in the Meditation List.LOVE.

  51. My partner and I have been going through turbulent times and have recently separated. It was financially important to us to sell our house for a very good price. I put it on the meditation list seeking a "huge sale price". Then I placed letters in the mail boxes of 20 neighbours telling them the house was for sale. The father of the neighbour who received the very first letter rang and we agreed a price that is far better than four real estate agents had been suggesting. I've been blessed, not only in the sale of the house but in having Ken and Elizabeth to guide me through this period of growth and learning that is so valuable in resolving some very old issues.

  52. Yesterday, quite a big tumour was discovered in my mother's stomach and/or pancreas. The doctor was quite pessimistic and said that there could already be metastasis. Probably there will be an operation in the coming days, perhaps also a chemotherapy. Please pray for healing, I love her so much and still need her! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  53. I'm a teacher whose contract had come up and I didn't know where I could work. I put my concern on the Meditation List. I discovered that I was wanted as head of a Year Level unit at one school, and that another school wanted me and hired me, and that another Catholic school offered me a position as well. I've never before been in such demand! Thank-you very much.

  54. I lost my part-time job a month before Christmas. We were heading into a bleak, uncertain time. I put a call for the best place for me to work on this list and within a fortnight, I was offered a full time position. Thank you again to all who Meditated to support me.

  55. My husband had been out of work for some time and then determined to have the perfect work and he then placed his request for this on the Meditation List. Within a week he was offered and accepted two concurrent contracts with a third to begin when these finish. Thank you! This Meditation List and all who support it are great!

  56. i was talking to my neighbours, they said they had been trying to make a baby for a while, i told them about this list and they gave me permission to put their wish on to the list. not long after this she became pregnant and is now about 3 months. (i have more details about how i was able to overcome the husbands scepticism re the list if you want them).

  57. This list has often helped me over the last 4 years and continues to help me focus and keep a grip on life and priorities. I can't say how mauch I love everyone who uses this list. I wish you all well. Kevin

  58. I put this friends brother on our list and today received the news below: "Well as you all know my only brother has been fighting esophageal cancer since Oct. It was deemed too far gone to operate and had spread to the pancreas and lymph glands nearby. This is one type of cancer that usually doesn't respond to chemo. But they were going to be aggressive anyway because he is so young with 3 young children. After 3 brutal chemo treatments he has now had another biopsy and mri scan. They can't see any cancer in the pancreas or lymph glands and the tumor in the esophagus has shrunk 45%. They want him to have a few more treatments and if it shrinks further they may even consider doing the surgery. I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my brother. I was feeling pretty negative with everything I read about the treatment, but this has just shown me once again what prayer power can do. I will keep you all posted Love Kel" I love this list - Kevin

  59. I kept putting the perfect job with the perfect pay at the perfect time on the meditation list after being made redundant, and I am now fully employed earning $5000 more than my last position, with lovely supportive people and the timing is (yes you guessed it) perfect in that I am able to attend the Meditation workshop coming up, and see my family and friends in Tasmania (which I have been wanting to do for over a year) before I take over the position from the person who is leaving.

  60. I have been meditating with Ken and Elizabeth and everyone in the Biame network for many years. I have also been using the internet meditation list from the time the Biame website was created. Recently my wife (Ana) and I needed to fly out to Brazil to visit Ana's father as he was having a major operation. From past exerience I knew that it is very difficult and also very expensive to fly out to Sao Paulo at Christmas time. When we found out the news about his operation we knew we had only a week in which to find a flight & at a price we could afford. Knowing how challenging this was likely to be, I immediately put the perfect outcome that we desired on the meditation list. The following night we went on the internet and found exactly what we wanted: a flight that we could afford and that got us to Sao Paulo in time to be able to see Ana´s father not long after after he had the operation.

  61. We lost the house and car keys the day after having them recut. After we meditated on it the keys literally arrived in Marks hand and he had no recollection where he picked them up from. Thank you Spirit we are tapping into the source to help us with more miracles for our finances now.

  62. Thank you we have the perfect door installed in the showroom for Soapkakes.

  63. Many thanks and blessings to you for your meditative help for our Master Angus Chen. Thank you from,Simon,Bifa and Annie Chen.

  64. Complete success was achieved for Master Chen Thank you all.


  66. In September last year Dai was diagnosed with advanced and aggressive cancer of the stomach. His prognosis was less than 15 percent. Maybe 6 months to live. He was operated on, tumor removed and six weeks later a new growth was diagnosed. He and my sister kept open and hopeful, even when two teams of doctors gave up. I wrote his name on the web-site regularly. They changed treatments and doctors three times and moved to a sunnier country. Yesterday he heard a new diagnosis - his tumor is no longer visible. He is alive and vital - love and light paved his path, this seems a miracle to us.

  67. After several years of "dangerously" high cholesterol levels and having a family history of high cholesterol levels and heart attacks-this year my cholesterol levels were all in the normal range and my GP says she doesn't have to bully me any more to try and get me to take the anti-cholesterol drugs, which I never did anyway. She was amazed, and also pleased. I told her it was due to meditation and emotional release, which made her startle. Thank you all very, very much and thank you to Spirit.

  68. I used the meditation list 3 times with a very precise purpose. 3 times the outcome is been wonderful, amazing. First was to help my friend who had to get through a very serious brain surgery, to take away a tumor, last November. He is the father of an almost three-years-old boy. Her wife just had a spontaneous abortion of their second baby a few months before. The second time I asked for help from the meditation list, is when she(her wife)called me, crying. She told me she was pregnant again but she was very afraid of another miscarriage : she was "anormally" bleeding. My third time was on yesterday, 28th of April. My sister who had planned to give birth with "her" midwife in a "Birthhouse" had to go to a huge hospital she thought was really unfriendly. The contractions were very strong, but no efficient in spite of all the care and know-how the midwife give her during the whole nignt. She just left her house in the morning, suffering, and a bit afraid of the medical world, she hoped she wouldn't need. I called a friend I knew was joining a workshop with Ken and Elisabeth, in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Their energy and the one of the group helped my sister and her baby and those who were with them. She had a very nice,cute and healthy boy, in the afternoon. The delivery resulted as "normal" and pleasant. The staff that she couldn't choose, is been very reponsive to what my sister and her husband wanted and felt at the moment. About my friends, on the same Sunday 28th of April, they were moving to their new built house. My friend remained pregnant and feeling very well and happy about having a new baby on September. Her husband seems to others exactly as if nothing happened. We know that he's not hearing from one ear(because the tumor on the hearing nerve had to be removed) and that he's still practicing a new way of feeling balanced, but he had NONE of the after-effects that the surgeon had announced, as a face paralysed, for example. So I just want to say thank you to you all who are making the meditation list so powerful.

  69. The meditative support for Elizabeth and Ken throughout the recent fires on the Network's property was palpable. It worked, too, as everything important was saved: there was no loss of human life, and the loss of animals was limited. Interetingly, every place that Elizabeth or Ken have used to meditate on the property did not burn. We both thank you for your support and help.

  70. Ben has been to the Vet, his growth is not malignant

  71. I put on the list that I wanted the nos. on a workshop I was running to double and they did within a few days. I put my car on there and got a wonderful offer of a really good car which cost me far less than it is worth. These are some of the latest among many ongoing 'answered prayers' which I haven't taken the time to put on the success stories list. Thank you all for your meditative support/help/power.

  72. My Name is Carl Harbach I am a meditator and have been for some time. I have only known the Biame mantra for a little while. I am still practicing with it. I associate feeling good with medititating and one door opening as another closing. I ask for the cosmic inspired strength to continue with this every moment of my life and for the feeling ups and downs to be like sweeping up. That is a cleaning process in which I am taking an active process and from which I am sufficiently separate to be calm, happy, secure, loving and loved and doing all that is necessary to generate more good in the world.

  73. Quentin started school with pleasure and is happy, Sarah is planing her future with a wonderfull clarity and a beautyfull energy

  74. I asked for a new job. I found two part-time very quickly and am working with steady grounded people. They needed to be part-time as I am following doctor's orders.

  75. my mother has had cancer, she has recovered so quickly and is now doing well, her results were the best possible for her illness. She was on the list. thanks everyone for your support

  76. Asked for Alex to have the perfect outcome with his employment, he was offered promotion in a department that would allow him to be higher profiled

  77. the list is a source of love where I can go to give and receive. I once had a lot of emotional pain, I put it on the list and it fell away at a particular moment, on a particular day.That was two years ago and I am light and joyful - if upset the energy passes through -I am thankful to you all and now I meditate on the list every day.

  78. Heather was diagnosed last year with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer. She's been on the list since - and is now making a full recovery. How wonderful! A few months ago I put two names on the list - people who just popped into my head, people I don't know well and whose beloved son died at the age two and a half about 2 years ago. A day or two later I heard from a friend that they are expecting another child. How wonderful again! Nigel's sister's suspected stomach cancer is nothing of the kind - fantastic!

  79. We were having problems with our computer system that didn't seem to have a solution. We put the issue on the meditation list and within a couple of days everything was working perfectly again. It seemed much more than coincidence.

  80. friend with one eye, had to have operation the worst outcome no sight. Her sight is the best it has been for many years, and she is so happy it has opened her horizon more than she believed possible

  81. Phyllis. After five treatments notice little improvements and now have HOPE and will keep up the important exercises.

  82. My daughter needed a work placement as part of her university course. She was having trouble finding the right place and I put her name on the Meditation List. She got an ideal placement very quickly, had a wonderful experience with everyone there and enjoyed the work. She was even invited back to do work after graduation! Thank you to everyone who has been meditating on the List.

  83. When I first went for the treatment I was unable to stand. Always falling back. Now after three treatments and home therapy for three weeks I'm finding I can stand with just a gentle touch on my hands. This has given me heart and hope. Still a long way to go but I'm very hopeful.

  84. Rosie was all prepared for her operation but the Surgeons found she had healed beautifully. They probed but couldn't find anything so she went home.

  85. Thank you Marje sold her Unit and at her price.

  86. My daughter needed a job and was having some difficulty finding it. I asked for help so she would get just what she needed in terms of money, interest, great people who suited her and who she suited, location and a few other things. She got a job within days. Thanks everyone. This really works.

  87. My friend has sold her unit, thank you very much. I'm feeling a lot better and my black eyes are fading.

  88. Help me do all the things possible to overcome my shaking problem.

  89. Asked for employment partner would enjoy, within short space of time, he saw job that appealed, was interviewed and offered position

  90. asked that brother would be successful with his job application, he received an even better position than he applied for.

  91. I entered on the meditation list that I wanted abundance manifest in easily being able to afford to come to the Masterhood workshop. Within one hour - yes, that is one hour _ I had a phone call offering me a job! I started the next week!! Be careful what you ask for, you will probably get it!! Love from Glenne

  92. We are wanting to have alterations to our Village and an exit to a side street, these things have been shelved due to lack of support and money.

  93. I remain amazed at how quickly things occur that i put up on the list. Thankyou to everyone who participates.

  94. Miranda and I were looking for a new home late last year. We were unclear about whether to live in Hobart and were considering Victoria for proximity to Biame, our family and a career change. We put our quest on the meditiation list. We sold our house immediately to the first person to see it and before we'd even signed a contract with the agent, and in a flat Tasmanian market. After searching in the suburbs it became clear that the new house had to be near the city, but rural and in Tassie. We found the ideal property, 27 acres with a great house, 2 KM to a town and only 13KM from the city. Half bush and half pasture, wonderful views of the estuary, Mt Wellington and Kingston.(Yes, such places do exist close to Hobart!) And a tennis court that could be made into a vegie garden protected from possums and birds. But the asking price was out of our reach. On Ken's advice we made a 'ridiculous' offer which was immediately accepted! These were multiple successes for us - establishing what our real needs were and having the means available. We are enjoying the rich fruits of this meditation every day and loving them.

  95. Thankyou to everyone who supports this list. I use it in all sorts of ways and am always amazed at how the results happen, lots of success. A recent success has been that I have now purchased a house in an area that has very few (almost none!) houses in good condition in my price range. Thankyou. I also find the list a very tangibile way for me to assist people I care about. This list is a very supportive and positive part of my life.

  96. Success with just about everything that touches this List Thank you

  97. My parents had for years supported a very difficult family in lots of ways. I put all their names on the list. Recently my father told me that this Christmas was the first time they had not had a call for some kind of rescue, and had not spent money them.

  98. I have been meditating for years and using the meditation list for almost as long. Every time I make and entry requesting support for my personal awakening, I get an immediate response. It seems like magic, but I know it's the support and help of all who support this list.

  99. My friend was very depressed. I put his name on the list. Since then, he has made huge progress, thrown away all drugs and prescriptions and is making amazing progress in sorting himself out and making a new life.

  100. After two years of hard work Mark has got the job beyond his wildest dreams with a highly respected company

  101. This list works! I was so amazed at an outcome that was heaps better than expected. I simply asked for a good outcome on my work contract of emploment negotiations and bingo! better than I had imagined - thank you to everyone who meditates on this list.

  102. Nathalie sera opéréb le 29/09/1999. J'aimerais de nouvelles d'OLINA, que Claire reçoit encore 4 inscription pour son stage du 18-19/09/1999. Merci Baudouin

  103. La fille d'une amie qui vit en Corse et qui se fait opéré début septembre 1999. Pour une Famille de la même amie qui vit en France Phillipe B. Une amie Joëlle gagne au lotto la somme de 50.000.000 francs belges entre le 21/08/1999 au 21/08/2001. Merci

  104. Pour la fille d'une amie, Nathalie P. en Corse qui se fait opéré début du mois de septembre 1999. Pour la même amie, une famille dont voici le nom du père Philleppe B. Une Amie qui vit en Belgique aimerait gagné au lotto la somme de 50.000.000 francs belges entre le 21/08/1999 au 21/08/2001.


  106. I was a new, casual employee at a school last year. For many years there had been plans and efforts made for extensive refurbishment and various extentions to existing buildings. It became an in-joke,with many believing it would never eventuate.I put the school and its community on the Meditation List. The new buildings are being constructed.

  107. My friend Merle's biopsy was clear. She believes that the loving support of her friends and the meditational support from this list was very important in her clear result. Thanks everyone. Here's to a healthy Merle. Happy new year everyone.

  108. Recently, I together with a friend, was organising a community event, it was a new venture for me, our country town and for all involved. For many reasons, we faced a great deal of obstruction at Local Council level. There were many aspects to co-ordinate. I needed some support and put the event and all connected with it, on the list. The outcome for everyone was fantastic. We all had a wonderful time, all were excited and are now looking forward to the next one. And, all the shire/council people became very helpful and enthusiastic. Thanks everyone!

  109. A friend told me of their angry adult son who had behaved very badly with his father. His bitterness and rage had been an ongoing, entrenched family problem.I put him and his family on the Meditation list. Over a period of a few weeks, she would tell me of his offers to make contact with them. So far, he will be attending the family Christmas celebration and will contribute to the meal. He has hugged his mum and has shown genuine concern for his father's health.So far, so good.

  110. I was frustrated with some organisational aspects to our familys life and put what I wanted on the meditation list & lo & behold to my surprise it all sorted out. This has just been one of several quck results - thank you meditators everywhere - its great to be connected to you all!!

  111. Using this list always works for my greatest good! I may think I know what's best for me, and then I get surprised by the results and am delighted with the surprise! Jean xxxxxxxx

  112. I just got back from a wonderful trip to the USA.... I had put my trip on the meditation list, asking for it to be perfect, and it was better than I could even have imagined. Thankyou, meditators for your support,I will continue to use this list!

  113. Maryna wrote: I recently meditated with the Wellington "family" - the IMPG group. It was truly magnificent. I was under a huge amount of stress as my brother had become very psychotic and delusional. I wrote on the meditation list asking for a perfect solution for myself and everyone. The next day there was a huge shift.

  114. The Stephens family's beloved pet cockatiel escaped from her cage on Monday night.I put her name on the meditation list and then we set about letter box dropping and putting up posters.On Wednesday night we received a phone call from the local tennis club about 2 kms away, she had fluttered down and perched on a child's head and someone there had received one of our notices.Great rejoicing all round !

  115. So long as I stay close to this page and the people connected with it I am constantaly surrounded with love and clarity. All of the items I have included on this list have been transformed in some way. It may not always have been as expected but it is always the result neeeded. My love to you all, especially to "The Boss". I renew my reslove to keep close. Kevin

  116. From Nickie Evans in Brighton, UK: I bought my new computer six weeks ago, and, practically computer illiterate, I set about getting to know my way around it. One of the srtrongest and most compelling reasons I had for such a huge expense and undertaking was in order to have access to IMPG's home page and meditation list. I was sure that great things would happen if I had access to the love and support of meditators all over the world. Today I went for an interview for a job for which I didn't really have anything like the right experience or qualifications for. I was the last of 10 to be interviewed and quite honestly wondered how I had got myself into this situation! However, I am the delighted, ecstatic and awestruck new employee of a young, dynamic and forward thinking company, who took me on because they liked me, are willing to support me through any training that I need, and are as excited about having me as I am about joining them. It's truly the job of my dreams, and the answer to my many issues around abundance. Thankyou to everyone who read my entry in the meditation list, those who supported me in your meditation, and everyone who has helped and loved me through a very difficult year. You are all angels of light.

  117. My parents are elderly and currently in need of extra practical support. They were experiencing difficulties in obtaining the help, in part due to severe cut backs to New Zealand health services. Mum rang me to say that they had finally been put "on the books" but that the family GP advised that it could take another 6 weeks for the support services to actually arrive. I put my folks and NZ health services on the meditation list and within 5 working days Mum rang (in a state of mild shock/euphoria) to say that two health professionals had called to see them and that she was really pleased with the outcome of the interview. Incidently the doctor had rung her the same day to see how they were coping and was astounded at the quick response. So thank you very much.

  118. I am well. From the ground of fearful chaos has come a sense that all is well. Half a life spent searching with double vision to find meaning in the random, senseless spinning, numbness, weakness and groundless being that had beset me at regular intervals. Was I mad, bad or just unlucky? Hearing and ignoring the proffered medical diagnosis of MS, I was unable to face the fact that I was ill until one evening. September 1st., 1997, four weeks into a bout of illness, I cried with my psychotherapy supervision group and faced my fear of death. Two days later, September 3rd., Martin told me he had added my name to the IMPG healing list. On Friday, September 5th. I lost all sense of balance and fell to the ground at the moment of Mother Theresa's death. Later, on hearing the news of her death and comparing times, I knew I was not ill. My symptoms did not have to be signs of chronic illness. I was well but I experienced the energy changes in the world and in the universe, in my body. Since that day, I have been free of vertigo and, with a steady sense of my own energy, I can keep going all day, rather than for just an hour or two. I have total feeling in my body. (I had areas with little or no sensation.) and my only remaining physical weakness is my eyesight, which is bizarre at times with blind spots, blurring and reduced visual field, but I am learning to "read it". I also have double vision in the face of conflict in myself, others and perhaps the universe. My extreme sensitivity seems to have changed from a life threatening weakness to an unimaginable gift. Most of all I have received the gift of love and this grows daily. I have a sense of being held and loved that I have never experienced before. So, all IMPG healers, many thanks! The healing works on all levels, physical, psychological and spiritual. Jan Doyle - Bristol, UK (Oct. 1997)

  119. I have had great success with work and personal projects by using the creative release process. This process to me involves doing what I can to achieve the goal and also having the support of others. Thankyou to all of you for your support. Love Kevin Burke ( Wellington, NZ )

  120. My workplace was needing to expand into another building to continue to operate beyond 1998. The house next door came up for sale. Afew days after putting it on the List it was bought. The future is guaranteed for 30 residents and the many employees. Thankyou to all meditators.

  121. I have been using this list daily since Ken an I designed it and put it up on the Net. I have had some amazing results. In brief: I have now got my house in the country I have resolved my work issues and havenearly an ideal arrangemnt My car recently broke down (many times in fact) costing me much money and a good deal of anxiety. I have just bought a new reliable 4WD suitable for the country and the city. I have had many more results from using the meditation list and am only waiting for one more (at the moment) to find my perfect or ideal or close will do - partner. I will continue to use this list and read the entries. I thank you/us all for the energy. Love Kevin Bergin

  122. From Ingrid: My brother and family had been house hunting unsuccessfully for six months. They had put in two offers and a house that had been rejected. The house was then taken off the market. A couple of days after I put them on the meditation list they let me know that they had approached the owner again privately and had been invited to put in another offer, which they did. Although their offer was lower than the reserve price, it was accepted. Celebrations all around!!

  123. From South Africa: Trish writes - "A small miracle to report out of the blue. We heard yesterday that funding was being granted for a full fesibility study for .... water/sanitation/hygiene..... This is what every local person has been wanting. Please continue meditation to consolidate such good news. Much love

  124. Raymond had not found contract work for three months and was becoming concerned. He got his name put on the List and within a week had about six offers.

  125. Kevin wanted arrangements to go smoothly with his bank. The same day his wish came true

  126. Tony and Nada asked for their office building to go on the List. They had been trying to sell it for eleven months. It sold the day after it was put on the List.

  127. Therese asked for Michelle to go on the List. She was on her way to hospital to have a cesarean birth for her baby, because the baby had not turned properly. Within four hours of the name going on the List, the baby turned and she no longer needed the cesarean

  128. Barry (of Melbourne) wrote to us recently at our request to document a wonderful experience he had recently. He wrote on 11th. October, 1996,

    The Age of Miracles is still with us. Some months ago I was diagnosed as having cancer on my eyelid. As if that wasn't bad enough the cancer was also the most invasive kind. Five days after the disturbing pathology report an eye surgeon removed ds of my lower eyelid and rebuilt it so that it looks nearly as good as my other eye. It's amazing what they can do. The surgeon forwarded the tissue sameple, removed during the operation, to a different pathology group for analysis. To everyone's amazement the second test showed no sign of cancer. To check that the original diagnosis was correct the second pathology group tested the first sample and verified that the original diagnosis of malignant cancer was correct.

    So in the space of five days complete healing had taken place. Dr Ralph Ballard saw the pathology report which, among other things, said that there was evidence of abnormal healing. How did this healing come about? During those five days, before the operation, a lot of people prayed and others meditated for healing. I will be eternally grateful to those who prayed and meditated - the outcome couldn't have been better!

    Signed: Barry