This is a recording of a lecture given by Ken Mellor in Wellington New Zealand. Ken talks generally about the progress of young people through adolescence, the six distinctive stages of development through which they pass, and what parents and others need to do in each stage to help teenagers to get what they need.

This information has helped many parents make sense out of the behaviour of their teenagers. They learned that many of the changes are normal and that they signal the need for parents to shift gears in distinctive ways. Everything can become much easier and more enjoyable for many families when they start to use this way of approaching things.

Ken and his wife, Elizabeth, are the authors of Teen Stages: How to guide the journey to adulthood (Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2004) in which they present this information in detail. Their other books include ParentCraft: A practical guide to raising children well, Easy Parenting and The Happy Family (all published by Finch Publishing).

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