TEEN STAGES: How to guide the journey to adulthood

Great information on the six stages that teenagers grow through. Retails for A$22.95.

Ken & Elizabeth Mellor (Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2004) (214 pages)

Teenagers actually want to be controlled and have their parents involved in their lives!

Also Available in Kindle from Amazon

Teen Stages is a powerful guide to each year of a teen's development, giving you tactics specific to the stage your child is experiencing. With easy-to-apply advice, plus helpful activities and check lists you can use right away, you will learn how your child's moods and behaviour change as they move through the six stages of adolescence: The Baby, The Dissenter, The Fledgling, The Sweet and Sour, The Romantic and The World Leader.

Once you understand the stage your teen is at, you'll have the keys to understand why they act the way they do, what they really need, and how to communicate with them.

Also published in USA

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