Ken Mellor
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Ken Mellor has years of international experience running communities and leading workshops that combine meditative practices with personal growth strategies. He is an inspiring spiritual master and mentor. Always down to earth, he is fun, practical and engaging. People usually feel comfortable and safe when with him and open up to the transcendent, to exploring their lives in depth, to making decisions that can transform how they live.

He is a Master of Meditation, a Reiki Master, and a spiritual mentor. He has extensive experience in working with people from many different backgrounds. Ken is also a psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapists. He is a prize winning author, most recently with his books Urban Mystic and Inspiration, Meditation and Personal Wellbeing (click here for information).

Together with Elizabeth, his wife, they were recently recognised for their many accomplishments by being accepted for membership of ATMA (The Australian Teachers of Meditation Association) in the personal development, medical and spiritual areas of living and teaching; and were also granted the Siddhartha Award from the Shiva Ashram in Victoria (Australia) for their many years as international teachers of meditation. Ken has taught in UK almost every year since 1981 with many hundreds of people attending his workshops in that time..


TA Training Workshop
- The Berne Institute (Kegworth)

30th September 2016
(10.00am to 5.00pm)

A Workshop with Ken Mellor

This workshop is about how to reveal the fundamental nature to our selves so that our “sense of self” morphs into ongoing oneness with our “core self,” that is, with I-Am. 

Many events in our lives lead us to wonder who or what we are in “the core of our being.” For some, this is stimulated by a yearning for a sense of completion that we intuitively only understand as we blend with “the deepest aspect of ourselves.” The challenge is to find out how.
This workshop offers ways of realising this oneness with our core self and practice in how to do it. We learn to:

  • Start by celebrating our ever-changing sense of self  
  • Recognise the steps that are already at our feet
  • Celebrate the unfolding journey into our core self, and
  • Expand into Oneness with core self.

The more we blend with our sense of self in each moment, the more the direct experience of core self unfolds. We discover new ways of relating to friends, family, clients and others. This learning produces strength, perceptiveness, understanding, fulfilment and presence. There is no need pretend, that is, to try to generate artificial happiness, satisfaction or confidence when we are unhappy, uncertain, hesitant or lacking confidence.

We can learn that real strength, assurance, and fulfilment come from embracing all that we experience as we experience it, even when we are at our most frightened, uncertain, vulnerable, confused, in pain – or ecstatic. We discover that our real strength and fulfilment is the blending of the intensity of both the experience and our commitment to embracing and live it.

The result: The more intense any experience is, the more profound we are.

Practice exercises and discussion could include recognising:

  • Our sense of self and the way it keeps changing
  • Our mixed awareness of world, body, me, I and I-Am
  • The four births of awakening to body, me, I and I-Am
  • How I-Am is the core self
  • The profound contribution grounding makes to realising I-Am.
  • The unfolding process of becoming I-Am and the place of meditation in this
  • The appreciation that our grounded experiences in each moment offer us our closest access to the Life-Energy most available to us right then.


Venue: The Berne Institute, Berne House, 29 Derby Road, Kegworth DE74 2EN, England.
Times: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Contact Person: Adrienne Lee
Telephone: 01509 673649
Fees: £100.00 (for Members of Berne Institute) £120.00 (for non-Members of Berne Institute)


Meditations on Astral and Causal Transitions (Openings)
- Cheadle, Cheshire

4th & 5th October. 2016
(9.30am - 5.00pm)
(Attendance and either or both days is possible)


Astral and Causal Meditations: expanding our awareness to include the subtlety in everyday experiences. There is a layer of awareness and interaction in and behind everything that we can easily miss. It is often submerged or hidden by the density of our everyday experiences of the "10,000 things" as the Taoists say. During this two days, we will explore our usual ways of experiencing things using special meditations to bring the subtleties of everyday life into our awareness. Two main areas will be covered: astral awareness and causal awareness.

ASTRAL TRANSITION MEDITTIONS: These meditations involve imgaining one or more spheres of energy surrounging your head and lower body, or your head or body alone. The meditations are designed to help open your awareness to subtler dimensions of energy in and around you. They are designed to help you let go of the binding of your phsyical awareness and open up new expanded awareness. Discussion of the so called "Astral Lock" and the heart centre will be included.

Many experiences may open to people as their astral awareness and availability are expanded.

CAUSAL TRANSITION MEDITATIONS: These meditations will build on the ones from the first day. As well as astral realms of consciousness, there are others that are "higher" still. These experiences involve causal awareness, the opening of which the meditations to be introduced are directed.

Causal awareness involves releasing the so called "Causal Lock" which involves opening the ajna centre (between the eyebrows). These experiences may open our abilities to influence the physical world in a variety of ways through our intention.

Venue: Friends’ Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS (In the centre of Manchester, opposite Central LIbrary)
Times: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
Lunch: There are cafes and restaurants in the centre of Manchester near the venue. At the venue, packed lunches are allowed, but there are no facilities for sharing food. Anyone wishing to order a buffet meal please  let  John Hofton know no later than two weeks before the event.
Contact Person: John Hofton
Telephone: +44 161 248 7728 or +44 7810515309
Fees: £70.00


- Didsbury, Manchester

5th October,, 2016
(7.00pm - 9.00pm)

This is an opportunity for anyone who would like to enjoy an introduction to meditation with Ken Mellor. Anyone simply wishing to spend meditative time with him is welcome. (You can also take the opportunity of spending the day with Ken by attending the workshop that starts at 9.30am. See the details above.)

There will be a chance to ask questions and to experience an initiation into the Vedic Mantra.  This is a potentially life changing opportunity to start on a path to a full understanding of our Selves and our world.

Ken and Elizabeth Mellor have taught meditation and acted as spiritual mentors for many years. They are members of ATMA (Australian Teachers of Meditation Association) and are certified by the associatiion to teach in the therapeutic, personal development, spiritual areas. Thousands of people have been introduced to meditation by them and have benefited.


Venue: Friends’ Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS (In the centre of Manchester, opposite Central LIbrary)
Times: 7.00pm to 9.00 pm
Lunch: Bring your own lunch, there are not many cafes in the ares.
There are yoga mats and blocks to sit on, please let John know if you would like a chair provided, too.
Contact Person: John Hofton
Telephone: +44 161 248 7728 or +44 7810515309
Fee: The evening is free. Donations to cover costs are welcome.


Trigonos - Caernafon, Wales

8th to 14th October, 2016
(9.00am - 9.00pm most days - see below)


In the presence of Life Itself we experience utter silence and transparency. There we can discover our Selves as we never have before. The hunger or thirst to do this is powerful in everyone. Somewhere within, we all know that our completion lies here. We know that we need to 'go in' as 'deeply' as possible, that this is how we need to connect with the Source of Life.

And we can succeed with this simply by paying alert attention as we remain silent and undistracted by others around us, while living through what arises in our silence and aloneness. Eventually we can discover that there is actually nothing to do, that all we need is 'to be'.

We 'go in' by witnessing, by experiencing and by living all the layers in us that are part of our world-bound lives. These layers have developed in us all throughout the years we have lived. Complete physical silence and stillness gives us enough time to explore what is involved. Having sufficient time to do make the discovery is an essential ingredient. This practice promotes the direct experience of our beings beyond our day-to-day experiences.

The workshop gives us extended opportunities to enter silence and reap the rewards.

Click Here to download the outline of the processes of the workshop. Read this in advance to make sure you agree with them.

We have one full and one half Scholarship available. We sometimes distribute these
between several people to ensure they are used to full effect.

Venue: The Trigonos Centre, Plas Baladeulyn, Nantlle, Caernafon, Wales  LL54 6BW, U.K.
Times: 10.00 am (Monday) 9.30am to 9.00pm (Tues. to Sat.) 9.30am to 3.30pm (Sunday)
Contact Person: Jim Hirsch
Telephone: +44 (0)7833924702
Fees: £616.00 (Non-members); £554.00 (Paid Up Members)
One Scholarship is Available: Please contact Jim for details.


- Bristol

18th - 19th October, 2016
(9.30 am - 5.00pm)

The oneness of Life is inherent in all things. It forever influences us to align with it by living together harmoniously with mutual respect, love, cooperation, and sharing. Before realising this, however, we may not know how the power of Life’s “magnetic” influence forever challenges all that is not in alignment with it.

When we imagine Life as a vast magnetic field that saturates and magnetises everything with its presence, we recognise that it takes enormous energy to maintain any divisions, separations, contentions, or impasses.

Practice bears this out, for the moment we embrace the core elements of our divisions, impasses, and polarities, fundamental resolution occurs, seemingly automatically. The processes involved in doing this are straightforward, too, and the results wonderfully rewarding. They all include claiming our experiences, digesting them using grounding, and living the outcomes we crave.

Because the steps for doing this provide a powerful way of encouraging and harnessing the flow Life Energy throughout systems, they become aligned and fully integrated. Surprisingly, what may have initially seemed intractable often melts into a surprisingly profound and fulfilling resolution.

Participants will have many opportunities for discussion and practising the steps involved in the processes.

Venue: Redland Park United Reformed Church
(Corner of Whiteladies Road/Redland Park. Redland Park entrance) Bristol BS6 6SA
Times: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm each day
Contact People:
Jane Kibblewhite & Marianne Wilson
Telephone: Jane 07761206441; Marianne 07796690326
Email: Jane; Marianne
Fee: £70.00 one day, £140.00 two days