Most spiritual traditions include service to their own systems and to others in the world as a major aspect of the practice their adherents are encouraged to use. Service is seen as a necessary part of the path to spiritual awakening by these traditions. The Hindu’s call it Seva or Guru-Seva, Tibetan Buddhists call it cherishing others, Christians call it Service or Charity, other traditions have other names for it. Great benefits come through relating to something bigger than ourselves and through giving something of ourselves for the greater good of everyone. Clearly this benefits others; as it happens, it also benefits ourselves. Very importantly, in relation to those who serve others in worldly ways, they open themselves internally in ways that enable them to become awakened to and to become one with the Divine, something that is also far “bigger” than they are individually.


From the very beginning, The Awakening Network was founded on this practice. As a result, except for administrative and servicing staff in Australia, everyone gives their time and energies freely. Leading the way with this, while the Network supports them materially, Ken and Elizabeth receive no salary or other financial reward from all that they do and have done since 1984.


Many hundreds of people have offered and continue to offer many different types of voluntary service to the Network:

  • every event organised by the Network involves volunteer help and support: people book venues, arrange furniture, organise refreshments, run shops during the events and hundreds of other practical things

  • people help with bookings for Ken’s and Elizabeth’s travel in various countries, drive them to different places, meet them at airports etc.

  • volunteers participate in formal and informal committees in many locations

  • thousands of envelopes a year are filled and sent out by volunteers

  • volunteers use their practical skills in activities such as preparing advertising brochures, doing graphic design work, writing for the Newsletter etc.

  • several people have constructed and maintained computer systems, and helped with developing specialised software

  • many people conduct workshops, courses or other events specifically so they can pay all or part of the earnings to support the Network

  • many make regular donations, some as high as 15%

  • many make intermittent donations when they have the resources to do so

  • hundreds of people tell others about the value of what is available in the Network and the benefits that can come from using the skills for living and spiritual development practices that are available in it

  • many hundreds also recommend the various teaching materials and other items, such as meditation recordings and books, to others, which both benefits the people and helps to provide financial support for the system

  • many people also encourage others to attend workshops and other Network events

  • and there are many other activities, big and small.

Any contribution is welcome; there is always more to do.


The result of all of this voluntary effort is the creation of an amazing international network of generous, caring people who support and help one another. Ken and Elizabeth, who are centrally enough placed to see the overall picture of what everyone is doing, have said that they are profoundly moved by the willingness of everyone to help and to support the Network so that we can all continue to benefit and so we can spread its benefits to others.

By registering your interest as a volunteer, you can become part of this wonderful process. Certainly without the efforts of all its volunteers, Biame Network would not exist. Its volunteers are its backbone and support everything that it does. You would be a welcome addition to this wonderful team. You can register by clicking here: Volunteer Registration Zoe Edmonds - Volunteer Coordinator

The central coordinator for volunteers is Zoe Edmonds. She is very interested in any of your ideas, any feedback and whatever else you would like to communicate. You can contact her in the following ways:

Write to her at: P.O. Box 271, Seymour,
Victoria 3661, Australia.
Telephone: 1800 244 254 (Freecall in Australia)
International: +61 3 5799 1198
Facsimile: +61 3 5799 1132
Email: volunteer@awakenw.net

For more information, contact Zoe or browse through the Website.