People training to become Practitioners of Urban Mysticism are expected to participate in teleconferences as part of that training. These conferences are designed as forums in which trainees:

  • share time with other trainees

  • receive direct instruction in selected areas

  • discuss issues related to their learning

  • get assistance to master their daily practice and other learning

  • get help with integrating their practice into their daily lives

  • spend time with masters of meditation and masters of other practices.


Those attending the teleconferences come from a variety of time zones in the world, so the sessions are designed to account for this as much as possible. The idea is for you to select those that suit you as much as possible.

Practitioner Trainee Teleconference dates, times and topics


Remember that trainees are expected to attend four sessions each year and will be charged for four whether or not they do attend. Trainees may attend more than four sessions, if they wish to do that. They will be charged for the extra sessions attended. The current charges are A$90.00 per session, part of which is used to pay for the conference hall, with the balance used to support the Network's other activities. You need to make arrangements about payment in advance. You can do this by:

  • filling in the "Automatic Fee Payment Form" - button below

  • paying in the Shop: Shops > Public Shop > Network Fees & Workshop Deposits > Fee Payments - the first item in the department, or

  • faxing or emailing your credit card details and other necessary information to us.

Automatic Fee Payment Form


To join one of the teleconferences:

    You need to telephone one of the numbers below:
    i. 03 9918 6100 (within Australia)
    ii. (International dialing code) +61 3 9918 6100 (outside Australia)
    iii. You then wait until a voice invites you to enter your pass code followed by the hash key,
    iv. Enter the following code:: 735 498175#

    iv. If you have difficulty connecting, wait on the line and and operator will talk to you
    v. If you need assistance at any time once in the conference hall use *0


Your trainers recommend that you give some thought to your goals for each session. These goals are the outcomes that you wish to have realised by the end of each session. Your goals work as the starting point for each session and will almost certainly determine the outcome for you on that day: where you start is where you finish, unless you change your goal. Goals such as “I’m just here to be here”, “I don’t have anything in particular to do today” and “I’m just going with the flow today” are a sign of lack of preparation and commitment to the training process.

Remember what is written in the Training Outline: your trainers will only put in as much as you do. Also, remember that you will get what you ask for. Those who ask for what is important to them will get it in some way. Those who ask for nothing or very little will get nothing or very little. We urge you to imagine that you can leave each teleconference having realised, learnt, understood, experienced or practised whatever is the best for you on that day. When you put that into words you will have a goal. You can get some clues about what you need to do by looking at the course outline. You are also expected to work your way through the material in that outline and there is enough in there to keep even very experienced trainees busy for years.


The style of the teleconferences is usually friendly and light hearted; sometimes it may also be very serious, considered, intense or emotional. Regardless of the style on a particular day, you can be sure that everything you experience and everything other people do are exactly what you need on that day and are directly relevant to you. So there is no need to imagine that others are doing things that you have no need to pay attention to or things that are irrelevant to you. Everything they are doing is important to everyone in the teleconference, including the trainers, even if you think you have heard it a thousand times before.

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