Written Lessons are available through the Network. You can use them as they stand, or as an adjunct for the Training Program. An excellent means of learning for anyone interested in the subject matter, you can learn a lot without other input. Ken & Elizabeth Mellor prepared them so that what is taught within the Network's network is more widely available. The Lessons are for people who are interested in the processes of meditation and personal development that take them through to Full Realisation.

Content of the Lessons

The Lessons have two, general parts. One is to do with meditation and the promotion of "inner awakening". It includes specific meditations and hints, information and guidelines on the practice of meditation. The other is to do with dealing practically with daily, worldly living. It includes basic information and guidelines for making life easy.

Ken & Elizabeth produced the first Lesson in 1990. They write more each year, and aim to have all basic areas included by the time the whole series is completed. This is a very big project that will take years to complete. It is already well underway.

Within each part, specific content is divided into Sections, some according to subject and some according to the type of practices being presented. A bridging Section, called the Overview Section, links the other Sections. It deals with fundamentals that influence every aspect of our lives. When completed, the Inner Awakening part will contain Sections on many areas, including Mantra meditation, groups of Energy Meditations of various sorts, and Masterhood. The practical Daily Living part of the Lessons will include Sections, such as the body, feelings, thinking, change, relationships, intimacy, goal-setting, and living effectively in the world.

The Lessons vary in size. Some are quite large (about 7,000 words) some are smaller (about 3,000 words). Mostly they are several pages long and contain information, approaches and procedures, plus specifically designed exercises to aid learning and understanding.

The System

You purchase one or more Lessons at a time. With each Lesson, or batch of Lessons, you will find an order form. You use this to obtain more Lessons when you are ready. We request that you do use this form when you order, as it makes our administration easier.

With each Lesson, or set of Lessons, you also will receive a list of all the Lessons available at that time. This will give you some idea of what lies ahead and help you choose how many Lessons to buy in your next order.

The Sequence Of The Lessons

You will receive the Lessons in the order in which Ken & Elizabeth wrote them. There is a natural learning sequence in this order. So, for example, you receive the first two Overview Lessons, followed by all the Lessons on The Body.

The Time Taken With Each

Some Lessons take more time to master than others. This is partly to do with the type of Lesson you are dealing with and partly to do with how long particular Lessons are. For example, the Overview Lessons are more all embracing than the other Lessons.

The Overview Lessons deal with fundamentals that pervade all aspects of life, while the other Lessons deal with learning in specific areas of life. Given that the Overview Section deals with fundamentals of Being, we expect the learning involved in these Lessons to continue for the whole of life. Accordingly, the learning involved in the Overview Lessons is open-ended. Your mastery of them can expand every day and, in one sense, we would expect that you would never complete them. Accordingly, we also expect that you will purchase other Lessons, which involve more specific learning, before you finish the Overview ones. You will need to do this to progress, because if you wait until you finish them, you will never move on. When you purchase the more specific ones, the learning involved in the Overview Lessons continues by moving to the background, as you begin to concentrate more directly on the other Lessons. Most people seem to have a sense of when to obtain the next ones.

The learning in the other Sections is "more specific". The material they contain can be learned, used and mastered relatively completely and quickly. People can reach a definite point with these Lessons at which they know that most of the learning is complete. Even so, with these Lessons, we expect that everyone will continue to deepen the related learning in these areas as time passes.

Two suggestions can act as guidelines on how long to spend on each Lesson: take your time and keep moving on. First, take all the time that you need so you master the Lessons as fully as you require of yourself. As you apply yourself to them, think about what you are learning and how much you want or need to understand it. When you reach this level of learning, move on. With this approach, people find that they spend more time on some Sections, or on some Lessons, than others.

Second, the suggestion that you keep moving on is to do with balance. To learn easily and well from the Lessons, you need to keep expanding the number that you have completed. All the Lessons support each other; the learning in one contributes to the learning in the others. This applies in both directions: the earlier Lessons support learning the later ones, and the learning in the later ones deepens understanding of the earlier ones. By increasing the number of Lessons you get, you get the supporting benefits they provide to your developing Mastery. Also, you avoid holding yourself up for an unnecessarily long time with one Lesson.

You can expect to learn to recognise easily when you are ready for the next Lesson, as you become increasingly familiar with the process.

Learning From The Lessons

The Lessons follow a set format that includes Principles, Discussion, Exercises, and Teaching Aids.

The Principles are position statements. The idea is for you to investigate them in your own life and find out if they are true for you. The discussion of the Principles is usually quite brief. The points made in the discussions also need checking, to ensure that they tally with your experience.

The Exercises are a very important aspect of the learning. You are encouraged to use a log book as part of doing many of these. The Exercises are designed to help you discover from your own experience, an understanding of the Principles and discussion points made in the Lessons.

Finally, we include recommended Teaching Aids that we think will help you learn more fully from each Lesson. Using these Teaching Aids is an integral and necessary part of the process. These aids add to the learning available in the Lessons.

As you progress, you are likely to evolve your own learning style. At the beginning, we suggest that you do the Lessons in the manner in which they are presented. In this way you can experience the value to you of the learning structure that they have built into them. We expect that you will learn most by doing this. However, you still can learn a great deal by taking different approaches. For example, simply by reading the Lessons, including reading the Exercises, you can learn much. The specially designed way that the content is presented can help you to modify the way you approach things, simply through reading about what to do. Your reading sows a seed that can germinate and grow in the fertile soil of your day-to-day life.

Contact the Network's trainers for any help. If you want to discuss anything, or if you want feedback on how you are going, let us know. We are available.

The Lessons are about Life. Life is filled with lighthearted joy and beauty. We recommend that you make your learning as joyful and as much fun as possible. Many find this kind of learning process very exciting. While doing the Lessons, practise remembering that you are apprenticed to your own Masterhood and that the only way to Realise this is through experience. Developing Masterhood is the most exciting venture that any of us can undertake.

Getting The Lessons

At present the Lessons are only available by mail or in pdf format attached to an email.

To obtain the Lessons, you click here Ordering the Lessons.

  1. Order the first Lesson.
  2. Send your order electronically. SSL security is applied to your information.

We will then send the first Lesson to you. Use the same procedure to order subsequent Lessons.

Cost & Payment

The price of each Lesson is A$15.00. The money covers the cost of the Lesson, administration and postage.

There is a credit card payment authority on the order form. This is the most convenient way of handling payment, if you live outside Australia. It is generally much cheaper to use a credit card, as bank fees for international cheques and money orders are high. If you send money or cheques, you need to ensure that whatever you send is in Australian dollars. Personal cheques from non-Australian banks are not accepted.

Lessons Only, Or Full Training

You may obtain the Lessons without any other involvement, if that is your wish. You also may join the Training Program, of which the Lessons are a part. To find out what is involved in this, look at General Outline in the Network Training Program Directory. You need to pay a further fee, the Training Fee of A$65.00, if you wish to join this program.

The list of Lessons currently available follows.

Overview: Lesson 1 - The Beginning
Overview: Lesson 2 - Realisation

The Body: Lesson 1 - Introduction
The Body: Lesson 2 - General Nutrition
The Body: Lesson 3 - Dietary Balance
The Body: Lesson 4 - General Physical Exercise
The Body: Lesson 5 - Exercise Programs
The Body: Lesson 6 - Exercising for Awakening
The Body: Lesson 7 - Rest & Relaxation - Sleep
The Body: Lesson 8 - Rest & Relaxation - Relaxation
The Body: Lesson 9 - Rest & Relaxation - Further Benefits