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Everything we have put in this site is here in good faith. Our experience indicates that it can be of value to people, since many people have tested what is here and found it helpful. However, we only take responsibility for having put it here for you to read. What you do with it now is up to you. We take no responsibility for your use of the material, any results you get, your interpretation of what you find here, any effects on you or others in your life. You are responsible for everything that follows from this point. We accept no liability for either the benefits or otherwise that you may experience. Of course, we hope that everything you discover will help you live in and with the perfection that we think is possible for us all.


All the material contained in the site is copy righted to The Awakening Network Inc.. Provided that you acknowledge the source of this material, clearly and obviously, on reproductions of it, you have our permission to use it. Without this acknowledgement, you do not have this permission.

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