HATHA YOGA FOR WESTERNERS Selected Postures and Sequences

Ken Mellor (I.M.P.G.Inc., Melbourne, Australia, 1995) (45 pages)


Hatha Yoga for Westerners makes available a gentle and effective yoga set that can strengthen and promote health and vitality in your body. Those who meditate can experience the profound contribution yoga makes to the awakening of their consciousness.

The postures and sequences are ideal for Westerners living in the modern world. They are presented here with step by step instructions and over 200 line drawings.

This book is designed for use while exercising. It has an attractive layout and a special wire binding. There are over 40 drawings which make everything clear.

The book can be used alone, or in conjunction with a set of audio recordings that contain verbal instructions, as well as many hints and guidelines on how to do the various postures and sequences.

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