PARENTCRAFT (2nd. Edition): A practical guide to raising children well

This is the second edition of a book that is becoming a standard for parenting books in several parts of the world.  Now published in 6 languages

 Ken & Elizabeth Mellor (2nd. Edition, Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2001)  (248 pages)

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In this wide-ranging and practical guide to parenting,  There is clear information on  the role of parents, important parenting skills, how our family backgrounds contribute to what we do, and the cycles and stages of childhood.  They explore themes that relate to managing families, catering for the needs of parents and children, love and discipline, setting standards and limits, and integrating important values into parenting.

"At last the Mellors have written down their ideas on child-rearing.  We have used their approaches for seventeen years and they really work," - George & Jenny, parents of three.


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