Authors: Ken and Elizabeth Mellor (Biame Network Inc., Seymour Australia, 2008)
(Paperback, 210x150mm, 110 pages)




This book introduces the reader to several meditations that are easy to do and very rewarding.  There is a wide variety of other information on meditation, too: why people meditate, the benefits of meditation, and how to persist and deal with the challenges of keeping on going that arise from time to time.

There is also a lot of information on practical matters about when, how long and how often to meditate; where to meditate; what positions are good for meditation; the value of movement and music in meditation; and the different contributions teachers, masters and mentors can make.

It has excellent information and help for:

  • experienced meditators
  • meditation teachers
  • those wanting to start meditating
  • those who have just started

(Wire-bound, 120 pages)

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