URBAN MYSTIC: Discovering the transcendent through everyday life

The Personal Narration of a Journey to Self-Discovery

Author: Ken Mellor (The Awakening Network Inc., Seymour-Australia, 2009)
(Paperback, 228x153mm, 470 pages & in eBook & PDF)


A Finalist in the Spirituality Category
2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards


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An extraordinary book, it takes hold of us from the first line and carries us through to the end.

Common comments include: "I couldn't put it down" and "I savoured it like a good meal that I didn't want to end"

The book prompts personal change as we read. Ken’s intention always was for the book to do this. As he wrote, he meditated continually so everyone would find themselves drawn into greater personal balance and into the discovery of the wonderful light, love, harmony and joy that expanding personal awakening brings. A lot of feedback to him shows that he has succeeded:

  • I realised if you could do it, then I could too
  • I have found great encouragement from your story
  • Your account of your journey has helped me understand my own much more deeply
  • As I read, I kept going into deep meditation and could feel myself changing
  • I see myself and the world very differently now.

Wonderfully easy to read, it's like having a personal conversation with Ken. He is in the room with us—an extraordinary feat. And it's like poetry in places, too.

So if you want to go on an extraordinary journey with, as Ken describes himself, an ‘ordinary bloke’ as your guide, this is a book for you.

Read much more in the website www.urbanmysticbook.com.au by clicking here. 

Ken Mellor -- Urban Mystic: Discovering the Transcendent through Everyday

Life is the fascinating story of the life path that led the author to become a spiritual mentor and master.

Ken Mellor had a life-changing experience at the age of 13, something he describes as "a few seconds of inner beauty."

Little did he realize that those few seconds carved out his destiny and took him to places he never dreamt he would go, and in those places were people who helped shape the person he was to become. His journey takes him to Australia, India, England, Switzerland, Germany and the United States where he learns life lessons and gains spiritual guidance from a Siddha Master, Tantric Master, Vedic Master, and a Divine Mother.

This first-person narrative reads like an intimate journal, filled with anecdotes that present the daily wonder of embracing life fully. He describes how every event in our lives can show the clear path toward what to do next in order to advance in spiritual awakening. His encouraging and entertaining prose is meant to educate the reader, subtly and lovingly, toward his/her own expanded understanding and awakening, and of their own unique destiny.

Read what others are saying about Urban Mystic: "An amazing odyssey from the everyday to the spirit -- and back again! -- that reads like the true adventure it is. I was glad to be part of it and you will be too."-- Stephen Karcher, prolific author in the fields of comparative mythology, divination, and religious experience.

This intriguing and compelling narrative prompts self-discovery and offers inspiration to dwell in the moment in order to awaken the soul to extraordinary transformations. Learn to celebrate how new beginnings, hopes, dreams, successes, mistakes, and challenges are all part of your own unique destiny.

Publisher website: www.StrategicBookPublishing.com/UrbanMystic.html

ISBN: 978-1-60693-823-2 /SKU: 1-60693-823-1

About the Author:
Ken Mellor is an author, spiritual mentor and master. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have trained intensely with three Indian Masters during a 27 year period and, in 1984, co-founded Biame Network Inc., a non-profit, educational, spiritually oriented organization with active members and associates in more than 30 countries. He has published numerous works in professional journals, magazines, and online and has  written, co-authored or contributed to sixteen books. He lives with Elizabeth in Australia.


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