All malas are blessed by Ken and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth makes these malas, then Ken and Elizabeth both meditate with them in order to charge them with their awakened energy.  From then on, whomever uses them will benefit from that wonderful charge.

They are available in two sizes: 108 beads and 54 beads.

You can get them in a lustrous black wood, or a rich brown with carved beads.  Expand the picture and look at the malas in the central column

Malas have been used since ancient times by meditators.

They are very helpful in mantra meditation, because they prompt us to keep paying attention to the mantra we are using.  This helps us to deal with wandering thoughts and concentration.

While using them our fingers are moving, which is very significant.  Even when this movement is so subtle as to be almost indiscernible, the activity keeps the rest of the body moving subtley too.  These movements help us to keep our energy mobilised and flowing through out bodies, which stops the body from becoming frozen in place.  For when this happens, it contracts and energy can get blocked.

Contraction results in the inhibition of awakened consciousness.  Expansion through subtle movement results in expanded consciousness and the promotion of awakening.

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