PROSPERITY: An angelic guide to living abundantly

 It sells for A$24.95 only through The Awakening Network.

Usual retail price:  A$29.95

This unique and beautiful looking book speaks to us of the kinds of lives that we want to live and the sorts of people we aspire to be.  It's about prosperity in its fullest sense - abundance. 

The author, Tony Smark, says, "If you have ever longed for:

  • meaningful, satisfying work
  • time for everything in your life
  • opportunities to be creative
  • relaxation and recreation
  • perfect health
  • financial and material security
  • fun and laughter in your life
  • a life filled with love, peace and balance

then 'Prosperity' is for you."

Ken and Elizabeth agree with him.  This is a lovely book: amusing, informative, lively and very effective in the way it teaches the reader what to do in very practical terms.  They think that you will love Arch, the angel of prosperity, who has a great deal to offer of worldly significance. 

This book is a wonderful integration of a great deal of what Ken and Elizabeth have taught for many years about making the most of life and living easily and well.  And it's very much more. 

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