In this recording, Elizabeth Mellor discusses common challenges facing step-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents and parents of children conceived with medical assistance, all have one thing in common. She suggests that both non-biological and biological parents have wonderful opportunities to share in the creation of new human beings.  At the same time, the different connections non-biological parents have with their children do add other factors that can bring both challenges and advantages. Understanding some of what is going is helpful to many people.

Elizabeth shares some of her own experiences as a step-mother. She addresses many of the issues that confront non-biological parents. Some of what she talks about is also useful for people who have a parenting roles, but who are not parents, for example, teachers, youth workers, and aunts and uncles. She also answers questions from the audience at the end of the talk.

She and her husband, Ken, are the authors of ParentCraft, a Practical Guide to Raising Children Well, Easy Parenting and The Happy Family.

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