Gift vouchers can be used towards purchasing any items in the Network's shop or towards paying for workshops, membership or training fees.

Refunds are not given on unused amounts on vouchers.

To purchase a gift certificate:

  • select the required amount from the drop-down list
  • specify the number of multiples in the box above, e.g., 2 for 2 x $50 = $100
  • select the "trolley icon" just to the right of this number to place your gitft voucher order
  • complete the information requested, ensuring that the delivery address details are correct.

Important (Delivery Address):

  • to have the voucher delivered to yourself, key your address as the delivery address. 
  • to send the gift voucher to another person, select the circle shown below your address information and key the recipient's address in the new form that displays.
  • We will mail an attractive gift voucher on directly to the person you specify.






We will post an attractive voucher with your gift either to the person you wish to receive it,
or to you if you want to give it directly

Make your choice of the amount you want to purchase for your gift voucher.

  • multiples of A$1.00
  • multiples of A$5.00
  • multiples of A$10.00
  • multiples of A$20.00
  • multiples of A$50.00
  • multiples of A$100.00

Type the number of your choice in the box to the right, then follow the instructions set out at the top of this page.