What are Flower Essences?

Petals are picked at dawn then floated in water.  This water is then used to make the essences.  Such a soft process this is with an amazingly profound impact.

How do they work?

Flower Essences work gently and subtly.  They provide opportunities for us to face and to deal with issues or qualities within.  They do not change us but simply provide us with the right circumstances to make the changes ourselves.  We are able to open to the roots deep within us so that the changes we can make are deep and profound.


Sometimes this process requires that we open to deep feelings within ourselves.  So, having a surge of discomfort does not mean that they are not working.  In fact, it is more likely to demonstrate that they are.


How do I use them?

Adults: take four drops twice a day, morning and evening, on their own or in water or juice.

Children: take two drops twice a day, morning and evening, on their own or in water or juice.

Infants: take one drop once a day on it's own or in water or juice.


Use your intuition: if you want to take less to lower the impact, then either reduce the number of drops or reduce the frequency.  For example; take them every second day. Your intuition is your best guide.



Flower Essences are effected by heat so avoid mixing them with hot drinks and keep them in a cool place.



We will mix flower essences for you, provided you place what you want in your order. We are prepared to mix up to seven different essences in one bottle, but definitely not more than that.

The price is per mixed bottle, not per essence you order.

The way to order is as follows: Type the total number of mixed bottles you want, then click on the shopping basket icon to the right of the number. When you have ordered all that you want from the shop, click on the "Checkout" button above and follow the instructions.

As you check out, give us the list or lists of essences that you wish to order. You put this information into the "Your notice to us" box. This is located under your personal details, address etc.

We do not keep records of what we send, so you will have to specify the essences you want each time you order.



These mixtures are prepared to deal with some of the common themes found in our current society. 

They are not designed to be specific to an individual. 

Some of you may need Flower Essences that are more specific to your situation and as such you will need to either consult a trained practitioner or design your own. We are happy to prepare your individual mixtures (see above).

Addiction Release

For freeing oneself from the addictive process with drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Created using arnica, blue china orchid, chamomile, nicotiana, rosemary, silver princess gum, snakebush, star of bethlehem.

Auric Strength
For developing the energetic capacity to manage the intensity of energy that can be part of working with others. Created using: antiseptic bush, fringed violet, garlic, hybrid pink fairy orchid, mountain pennyroyal, pink yarrow, st. john’s wort.

Breaking Up
For those going through the separation with a partner, helps manage the feelings and to maintain goodwill towards each other. Created using: black kangaroo paw, brachycome, cape bluebell, catspaw, mauve melaleuca, purple and red kangaroo paw, violet butterfly.

Bullying Behaviour
For those who bully or abuse others, helps to develop inner strength and appreciation of self and others so the desire to abuse dissolves. Created using: geraldton wax, impatiens, orange spiked pea, pale sundew, snakebush, snapdragon, vervain.


For those who feel unsure of themselves and want to approach life with ease and confidence and develop a deep sense of inner security. Created using: buttercup, golden glory grevillea, happy wanderer, mountain pride, parakeelya, snakebush, sunflower.

For those who want to uncover or promote their creative process, may help with ‘blocks’ sometimes experienced by writers, artists and composers. Created using: aloe vera, hound’s tongue, indian paintbrush, iris, turkey bush, woolly banksia.

Dark Night of the Soul
For those facing the depths of desolation and hopelessness that are sometimes part of the Awakening process, helps inspire confidence and the courage to continue. Created using: borage, cowkicks, illyarrie, lotus, ribbon pea, rock rose, shy blue fairy orchid, sweet chestnut.

Decision Making
For those who find it difficult to make decisions either because they are unclear about what they want or fear committing, helps connect to inner knowing. Created using: borage, cerato, madia, pink trumpet flower, scleranthus, tansy.

Deep Fatigue Release
For those who have pushed themselves very hard, overworked or are experiencing ‘burn out’. (Note: these only work when combined with slowing down or stopping in order to rest). Created using: black eyed susan (Aust), blue china orchid, macrocarpa, oak, olive, self-heal, white chestnut.

Exam Support
To enable those dealing with exams to manage them calmly and with focus and mental clarity. Created using: lavender, madia, pink trumpet flower, peppermint, rabbitbrush, rosemary, yellow boronia.

Health Support
For those dealing with illness or other health issues, helps connect to the person’s inner healing capacities. Created using: antiseptic bush, arnica, chestnut bud, cowkicks, illyarrie, pink trumpet flower.

For couples wishing to promote a clear and loving connection with each other. Created using: wedding bush, fringed lily twiner, goddess grasstree, macrozamia, mallow, red and green kangaroo paw, red leschenaultia, snake bush.

Power of Love and Life
An essence recently created for Summer Sanctuary 2007 using Blue Leschenaultia, Brachycome, Purple Nymph Waterlily, Mauve Melaleuca, White Nymph Waterlily, Shy Blue Orchid, White Spider Orchid.

For those who are busy and want to approach life in an easy, relaxed way.
Created using: brown boronia, chamomile, golden waitsia, hairy yellow pea, pink fairy orchid, purple flag flower.


Release the Past / Prepare for the New
To promote deep exploration of outmoded patterns and expectations, and openness to new and fundamentally important shifts in orientation. Created using: blue china orchid, blue leschenaultia, pincushion hakea, purple nymph waterlily, sky blue orchid, white nymph waterlilly.



For taking stock of the present, preparing for important changes and gathering inner strength for the task ahead.  Created using: blue china orchid, brown boronia, cape bluebell, cowkicks, sky blue orchid, walnut, white nymph waterlily and white spider orchid.

For promoting easy sleep and to ease stress that causes sleep problems, also helps with sleep disturbance. Created using: chamomile, hops bush, pink, star of bethlehem, st.john’s wort, white chestnut.

Speaking Easily
For those who have difficulty speaking either publicly or privately. Created using bush fuschia, buttercup, hybrid pink fairy orchid, mimulus, pink fairy orchid, trumpet vine, zinnia.

Spiritual Support
For those who are on a spiritual path and want to enhance their spiritual growth. Created using: angelica, corn, lotus, pink trumpet flower, purple nymph waterlily, white nymph waterlily, yellow boronia.

Standing Your Ground
For those needing to learn to set limits with others or those who find it hard to maintain a position in the face of opposition including bullying. Created using: blue china orchid, centaury, happy wanderer, mountain pride, parakeelya, snakebush, vervain, vine.

Study Help
For those faced with the demands of study, requiring support with the need for persistence, goal setting and clear thinking. Created using: yellow boronia, rose cone flower, pink trumpet flower, madia, peppermint, rabbit brush, shasta diasy.