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Olive leaf extract is made from olive leaves. Of increasing interest in recent times, many people have been helped by taking it for a wide variety of infections and some other physical conditions. It is claimed that it can help with viral, bacterial, fungal and yeast-based infections. Much anecdotal and some experimental evidence has been produced to support these claims.

See: Olive Leaf Extract by Dr. Morton Walker, Kensington Books, NY, 1997 (ISBN 1 57566 226 4). Doctor Walker is a medical journalist who has reviewed many articles and quoted anecdotal and experimental results from a variety of sources.

He suggests that Olive Leaf Extract has an anti-microbal effect on 137 infectious diseases and that it is one of the very few things that can help us with most viral infections.

We do not endorse these claims. We do suggest that this product is worth your consideration.

The capsules have a high concentration of the oleuropein and are suitable for adults. Contact your health professional for any specific advice that you might need about the appropriate amounts and frequency for adults.



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