Ken Mellor

"Grasp Life As A True Reflection Of You"

Several weeks ago, (in early 1994) some people thought the challenges of their lives too much for them. Ken was moved to make the following observations to them, observations they apparently found useful, judging by the instant change in their approach.

It seems at times that things happen to us in our lives, and we have feelings about the events involved.

The truth is that - we are always happening to ourselves.

Every event, every action - is invited by us from "inside". We have invited it so as to learn something about ourselves and to expand further in the Light.

Rather than fight life, escape it, reject it, or regret it, grasp it as a reflection of yourself and an opportunity to expand.

If you try to fight life, you are only trying to fight part of yourself. If you try to escape life, you are only trying to escape from yourself. If you try to reject life, you are only trying to reject yourself. If you regret it, you are only regretting part of yourself. But all of these things involve a mistake. Even if you think that it is possible, it is not possible to do any of these things. You cannot successfully fight yourself, escape from yourself, reject yourself, or regret yourself.

Take a different approach. Celebrate Life and You in all your richness, whether you feel initially comfortable with that or not. (Remember the two meditations, Unifying Meditation and I AM That Meditation, are very powerful ways of doing this.)

Remember always, "I AM That", and expand into the experience, whatever it is. In other words,claim as your own, every experience you are having.

In particular, always practise "I CAN". Always use "I can't" as a signal to find "I CAN". "I can't" is almost never true.

Draw on your Divinity and assert, "I AM the solution, the perfect outcome, the way through this."

You will find that you are indeed that.

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