Kathryn Schofield

Through my training with Ken and Elizabeth (Mellor in the Network) I am learning about how to use challenges in the service of my spiritual growth. Sometimes it seems that things build within us in order for us to get clear of them. We can use this process to help us expand into the light.

Now, when I am challenged, either by what is happening inside me, or external events and things, I am learning not to turn away from my experience. I realise there is something new to discover, or be reminded of, and I confront my challenge by becoming it. I do this by immersing myself in it, sometimes visualising that I am like a stone dropping into the pond of my experience. I also give expression to the nature of what I am experiencing, bearing in mind the potential consequences. And, whilst I do these things I keep grounded and have in my awareness my ultimate goal, the realisation of what I Am: Love, Peace, Joy, Light. In this way I connect with the certainty that God is in me, there to inform all that I Am and do.

My understanding is that what we might perceive as an obstacle in life can act like a cloud which masks the sun of our ultimate natures. But this is only a shadow and not reality. And, if we truly know the nature of what is confronting us, it dissolves to reveal the essence of what we actually are shining forth with a pure, radiant, brilliance. Now I see every challenge as a further opportunity to know myself more clearly and expand into the fullness of my Being.

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