Elizabeth Mellor

Our thoughts and feelings effect the world and the people in it. Not only is it a good idea to guard our tongues when speaking and to work out ways to get on well with people when with them, it is a good idea to do the same behind the closed doors of our minds.

Some people think we only affect people when we do something directly with them. But this is not true. If we think about people or have feelings about them, then they are affected by this,they "know". This is not just an empty activity. So, for example, if we have violent thoughts,this is not a harmless activity. If you would not act violently with someone physically in front of you, then do not do so when you are not with them.

Violence is not a natural part of being human. It is a distortion, a movement away from the essential nature of our basic being. Meditation will draw us closer and closer to our true centres, our true natures. Violent activity in any form - physical, "feelingful", or thoughtful - is aberrant, not an expression of our true natures and will pull us away from our centres. It is the antithesis to meditation.

All of us have to deal with the violence that we have collected. It is, unfortunately, widespread in our community. We are all surrounded by it. Radio, TV, newspapers and movies, all make sure that we are kept aware of it. It is made so commonplace that many of us think of ourselves as completely peaceful people and do not recognise what we have collected, or what we are expressing in our thoughts and feelings, even if we are not doing it physically.

To deal with it on the outside, we need to take care of our rubbish, to clean our houses. We need to ground our thoughts and correct them, when we discover we have been thinking violently. We need to deal with our feelings in the same way.

Each of us is totally responsible for our lives - no one else is, nor are they to blame. Next time you think of vengeance or anger towards someone - think again.

To repeat what I mentioned earlier: what we think affects people; the feelings we have and direct towards others also affect them. The effects are related to whatever it is that we are feeling and thinking. We can damage, and that damage can be both severe and physical, not"just" emotional or energetic.

Remember all aspects are interconnected - bodily, feeling, cognitive and energetic.

Blessings and praying for people works for the same reason. They carry to others our loving good will. This also gives us something we can do, should we discover that we are not offering our best wishes to others.

To begin with, if we have unloving feelings or thoughts about people, then it is best to take notice of them, to remain aware of them and ground them. It is best not to suppress them,because the impact on others of doing so can still be strong, if not stronger.

Then, as we ground them, we change them. Deliberately begin to think and feel loving things,even if at the start this feels artificial. We can use anything that works to make these changes. Use affirmations to change basic thinking. Use mantras to access loving energy to fill the spaces of your being, so there is no room for anything else. Act lovingly to allow this energy through into the world. Be firm with yourself and say to the feelings or thoughts, "YOU HAVE NO POWER. I AM THE COMMANDING PRESENCE HERE - THE PRESENCE OF LOVE AND PEACE."

We need to take charge of ourselves and refuse to allow the indulgence of any thought, feeling or act that is not loving. Each of us is in charge of ourselves and our lives. Each time we acknowledge this, we increase our power and our potency.

Be powerful, be responsible, be loving. Meditation is the antidote for violence.




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