Elizabeth Mellor

Wisdom is more than knowledge. It is applied knowledge. It is the result of aeons of application of knowledge. It is knowledge that is based in the bedrock of the ages. One life is not enough to produce wisdom. Wisdom comes from the access to past, future and current lives. Experience and the practice of knowledge from many lives and times is where wisdom arises.

Wisdom cannot be won with a throw of the dice, nor the successful launch of an arrow. It is the result of tilling, ploughing, planting, watering and weeding of seeds. Some never "fruit". Others are plentiful in their growth and reproduce abundantly.

The diligence, love and expertise of the farmer are keys to the success of the planting. It is the same with wisdom, where the farmer is the Self. Books, teachers and experiments are all sources of information that can lead to knowledge. The distillation of knowledge over time will produce wisdom.

Wisdom is the essential quality that is available from the flowers of the crop planted and cared for. As oils and fragrances are the distilled essences of plants and flowers, so wisdom is the distilled essence of the crops of knowledge and experience tended through time.

Loving intent is a further aspect in the growth of wisdom. As farmers of crops know, there are qualities in farming that are beyond the obvious physical requirements of what is farmed. Some farmers produce better crops than others, even with the same seed, tools, land,knowledge and experience. They do so with the additional quality of loving intent. What is planted with love and tended with love for it's own sake, for it's own essential beauty, not conditional on the end goal of its planting, will thrive and grow strong in a very powerful way.

Anyone who desires wisdom needs to pay attention to intent, and to practise awareness of their own essential natures as they tend this crop. To ignore essential nature is to court failure. Crops grown without love and without the appreciation of their essential beauty, do not flourish.

Patience is required also. It takes time for plants to grow. This is important to know and to understand. The Wisdom is there - the result of the harvests of many lifetimes. In any particular life, he or she must demonstrate the capacity to use the crop well by using it to nourish the world, or the "Great Wisdom" will not be available.

Intent needs to be pure and self-understanding needs to be clear, before the Self will unlock the doors of the granary that stores the produce of past harvests. As "little wisdom" is understood in any life, only then will the "Great Wisdom" will begin to flow. This is a protective device. The power of Wisdom in the hands of children - whether their age is 2 or 80- is neither permitted nor possible.

In this life examine yourself continually, anchor yourself firmly in love, act according to the highest principles, correct wherever necessary, and be patient. Then, the granary doors will be opened and the crops of the future can be planted using the seeds of the past.

Germination is assured.

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