Reiki Healing Sucess Stories

We are interested in the what happens after you make your entry on the list. Please feel free to make an entry telling us the results you have got. What happened?


The list is cleared regularly.


  1. Received an unexpected sum of money and also had my job confirmed with an increase pay. Thank you.

  2. Within 24 hours of reiki healing/meditation I found the home and resolution to personal crisis I had been seeking, thank you so much

  3. My mum Pat agreed to go into hospital for pain relief, and died peacefully with all her family around her on December 15th. Thank you for all your support.

  4. All the help from the Reiki circle really worked to produce a rapid result. Thank you.

  5. My husband needed employment. No action and no luck. Where ever he was focusing became obstructed. No luck! Weeks passed. So we placed this request for work on the Reiki List and he is now employed.Thankyou for your support and healing.

  6. Thank you all for your love and support for us and Kieran over the past year and before and during his birth. At times he seemed bathed in healing reiki energy. Mark and Liz

  7. My emotional health and strength have become very solid with the support of this list and the regular Reiki exchange. Dating is wonderful too.

  8. Thank you for the energy you put into Arianna's job working out so beautifully. And thank you for the energy you put into the softening between me and Bernd. Healing is happening. Hooray.

  9. Tiaki was wanting reiki to help him with concentration and exams and last week he heard he had passed really well-B Bursary and he is off to University this year. He himself was amazed he had done so well-he thought he might fail. Thank you everyone! Manaia my little grandson is also keeping really well. Thank you.

  10. Since placing myself on the Reiki list, the headaches that were an ongoing problem have stopped, I notice that I am mentally much clearer, more positive in my outlook, and my overall health is significantly improving. Many thanks to all who make this wonderful Reiki available.

  11. I man whom I placed on the list has reported back that the Reiki is having a great impact on him. Suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, prior to being on the list he was very unwell. Now, he looks fantastic, sounds centered in wellness and is very contented. He says that he feels wonderful.

  12. I feel a very deep sense of relaxation and healing during the Reiki sessions. I also enjoy beautiful sleeps and blissful dreams after the sessions too.

  13. Thank you for the reiki support, it feels like it has made a big difference in my life. My daughter is bonding beautifully with her baby and between myself and my daughter there is a softening and an ease that has not been there before. I feel triumphant.

  14. I love receiving Reiki from this group. I feel supported in my life and the things I do, in my work and home. Its as though there is a loving presence, just by my side.

  15. I suffer with hayfever and put myself on the list and found that gently and quite definitely, my head and nasal passages cleared. I felt much more relaxed too, thanks.

  16. A friend who has MS has been on the list and believes that Reiki is helping her enormously. She has had no more episodes and has resumed part time work.

  17. I put a young girl on the list who had been hit by a car,she was in shock, she had cuts on her face as well as bruising. I watched as these cleared within 2 days, not a scratch in sight. She is also settled and grounded again. Thankyou everyone.

  18. After putting the the relation with my wife on the healing list, we spent a lovely sunday afternoon together, like we hadn't been doing it for years

  19. Tiaki had great success and safety with Rugby games after being put on Reiki list

  20. I have today signed a contract for the most perfect little house. Thank you for the love and support and the healing that had to take place for this to happen.

  21. Two days after I put my name on the Healing list I got an appointment to see a skin doctor who was able to confirm that my hair is actually regrowing.

  22. I had an operation on my back To correct a disc displacement Ken and Elizabeth put me on the Reiki healing list the operation was a complete success my back pain has all gone Thankyou.

  23. In the 24 hours since I made the request for a healing of the relation with my wife, a complete change of attitude how to go on to develop our relation occured and a significant rise of openness, understanding, mutual acceptance and creativity for solutions as well. And I did no other meditation in relation to that request for Healing.

  24. Bihau Chan has reported thet her nephew in China is improving steadily,has had very few seziurs lately and is gaining control of his hand and arm.she sends love and gratitude for the healing and support for her whole family in china and wishes the Healing to Continue.

  25. Arihia, Teaohou and Manaia found a lovely place to rent. they are now in the throes of setting up their clinic

  26. Amy had an IMMEDIATE improvement in health after going on the Reiki list.

  27. The week following the Sunday that I put "an abundance of clients" on the Reiki List my client intake inreased by over 1/3 in that week.

  28. Thank you for your love and support. The baby was born after a long, and not easy labour, healthy and calm and perfect. Your support has felt like it made a wonderful difference.

  29. My back pain has now dissolved and the pain in my leg localized and extremely managable with some simple stretches. The process of discovering what was working for me was an interesting one and my energy levels have now doubled without the discomfort. Thank you for your Reiki support. Two weeks after asking I am moving with confidence and enjoyment once again. The difference is much appreciated.

  30. Thank you for all your love and support through the Reiki Healing Circle. My damaged finger is recovering at a phenomenal rate. Ken

  31. I needed a home for my daughter's dog, Bayla, until I own a home of my own. Monday, the day after the healing circle, a friend of mine offered to take her until I had my own home!