Reiki Healing List




Healing and love for Bertie the cat, so that he becomes adopted into a loving family. , Depression, anxiety and low energy healing for Jenny, please. , For healing- uterus, left index finger, left tear duct. right ear. , Davie Mcrobbie. , Send healing please for issues around my thyroidectomy site , Send healing please for issues around my thyroidectomy site , May Rob's dermatitis and related issues be quickly, thoroughly and permanently healed. , Help for my relapse into alcoholism and high functioning austism , Help for me Kenshi Yonezu with my high functioning autism and relapse into alcoholism. , Help for my high spectrum autism and help for my relapse into alcoholism , Healing , Pleas send all divine healing to my daughter Victoria Elisabeth Carlsward, born 1998 11 februari in Sweden. That she is completly healthy in every cell, organ, blood, skin, hormons and chakra🙏and for my self Carina, that I am completly healthy in body and soul 🙏🙏 , I kindly ask for healing for my friend Ruth who is recovering from physical trauma and exhaustion. Thank you! , Reiki healing is greatly needed at this time. Thank you!! , Perfect home for Lisa, David, Sienna, Flynn and Nate, Tiffany, Wendy, , Looking for peace and strength to help my family as we work on healing our daughter after her suffering a series of strokes, we are praying for her to regain her vision in her upper right quadrant of her vision. Thank you , Healing thoughts for my daughter Jillian for focus and strength to succeed in her nursing courses , I am requesting healing of my upper right quadrant of my field of vision and my brain after suffering strokes on november 27-28 2021. I want to be able to see to drive again and stop having panic attacks. Please please put me on your healing list. , reverse tooth and gum decay for daniel , Amber Benjamin - healing for mental, physical health please. Also for spiritual development. , Nicholas. I envoke the healing power of now. I am a winner we all are...I call upon the greatest good for all involved and the knowingness of wisdom to come forth in now to create the perfect alchemy. So it is. , Sandra: "Health, wealth and Happiness", and enhanced healing power and awareness. , Please send reiki for my physical and mental health. Thank you , Please help me to come back to myself gut to heal shed the weight I need to write the course , Please help Leslie heal stop the cancer from spreading and its contained , Please heal Leslie that she isnt in to much pain and has a rapid recovery , Nina , Stefan , Please send me healing energy to helo with my jealousy. It's ruling my life. I am jealous of my sister she is very rich an beautiful and I feel like a failure. Please help me to make peace with this , A full recovery for Helen with good health and happiness. , For Oliver's sciatica to resolve itself completely and quickly. , I pray for the speedy and full recovery of Barb MacLaren so that she may enjoy a long and healthy life filled with love. , Ann C. Hundley , i am a fruit and bee farmer i need good thought, clarity so i can fulfill my job. , I have a VP shunt in my brain which malfunctions quite a lot. My head feel like it will explode with pain and pressure and I have swelling and fluid built up in the neck and arms thanks so much for your help xxx , I would like to ask for healing for my daughter who is 4 and has some developmental challenges. Thank you , Please help my girlfriend Iva, that she can overcome the fight against darkness inside of her. The darkness is based several generations before her, inside her ancestors. Love J , Positive results for Helen's biopsy and swift recovery. , Please help me heal and feel better thanks to mum and the angels 👼 looking after me ! Lost shed the weight and heal the gut and get to peak health please send me haling , Please help me heal and feel better thanks to mum and the angels 👼 looking after me ! Lost shed the weight and heal the gut and get to peak health please send me haling , Registration is approved quickly and easily - thank you. David gets the perfect job - thank you. , Financial well being , Graham - free from COVID19, perfect healing and health, Marg - perfect healing and health, Sienna, Lisa, David - perfect job offer, Flynn, Nate, Michael, Amy, Ryan, Harrison. My registration is processed quickly, easily and free from problems, perfect healing and health for myself - Thank you. , Allow my eyes to see in the dark and open my peripheral scope. With love , My eye surgery is successful and my eyesight is perfect. , Graham, Marg, Sienna, Lisa, Tiff, Penny, Wendy , Margaret Wiley healing , Please help Susanne heal and the children heal let her be happy financially stable in love and happy again! Please help my gut heal and please help me to let go of Rod speaking with other woman let me be complete health and love in a physically loving passionate relationship! Xxx , Deep healing , Thank you! My position at the pharmacy is retained - the pharmacist thinks positively of me and trusts me, as do the other staff members. I'm very grateful, thanks! , See it , Blanch to feel better and heal appropriately and move through this process with ease , Margaret Wiley, Frank Carberry, Patricia Carberry, Shane and Jack Carberry, , Strength, resilience, intelligent life promoting understanding, good quality relationships, harmonious relationships, everything is sorted resolved and understood = love, dignity, intelligence, creativity , Find the light , Full recovery soon, a perfect new job, great healthy relationsjips, happiness and satisfaction with all. , Perfect outcome for tomorrow's procedure , Perfect outcome for tomorrow's procedure , Perfect outcome for tomorrow's procedure , Everything is resolved, I am supported, healthy gut on every level , Mike Hundley at Roanoke memorial , integrity , I am beautiful and everybody loves me , protection, everything that needs resolving to stop z has been resolved, I look after myself beautifully , my life unfolds in the best possible way, I make the best and wisest decisions, all is love, health and happiness. , protection from megative influemces , Dawn , Me, healthy gut-brain axis, am safe , I have everything I need to heal in order to integrate x and y and be the highest and happiest good for me possible , I am whole, I am healthy physically and emotionally , Please send healing to Margaret Peg Wiley, and to our Carberry family. , I wish to find what is it that i am passionate about and start working on it and helping other people, too with my work. Thank You. , Wendy - perfect healing, health and happiness - thank you , Please send Reiki to heal the pain in my stomach and shoulders and clear emotional blocks. With gratitude. , Pain in stomach; strained relationship with husband , Sylwester kitty and I thank you for the return of his vital energy and peace with the process as well as letting go of past trauma in order clear what us block his sinus cavity. Thank you! , Help me to trust Rod , Please help me from being so internally stressed help me to TRUST help me to find my way to make money Love and healing to Deb and the boys , Please help me to heal to not be so stressed and to get motivated and to find a job so I dont have financial stress also my weight keeps dropping off , I'd love to feel loved by family & friends. I'm 50 years old & my lack of confidence came as a child living with a controlling mother, who suffered anxiety & feared what the small country town would think if her children weren't perfect. My anxiety led to epileptic seizures & I've been on many different medications since 1987. There's been no luck with medications & have had many alternative spiritual healings done over the years, which still haven't stopped my anxiety & seizures. Please can your group help? Thankyou. , Hello lovely people...I have an ongoing battle with health and weight issues I am hoping you can send me some healing..blessings to you all Jen , Please join me in helping Francesca Nicholls of Melbourne Australia. She had a severe aneurysm two weeks ago and several kperations later is fading fast. Please join me in sending her spirit and body the energy to heal. Thank you x , Rob's injured right shoulder be healed quickly and easily. , Clarity and determination to act , Healing, courage, determination, love, clarity. , Hello! I hope the new year is finding you all well. I'm requesting Reiki for our cat, Sylwester, a male black/white ragdoll mix. He's had ongoing sinus issues and most recently, an allergy flare causing breathing issues. We think it's possibly mold and are working on it from this end. Sylwester is of the Light. fully vital, and free from imbalance. He embodies pure Love. Amen Thank you Everyone! We are grateful for your work. Brenda , Karen Ralph, Kevin Ralph , my daughter [now Higgins] has had time off work with labrinthitis. Elizabeth will you bless, in whatever way, her full recovery and her continuing happy life. see you in triganos. love carl. will you bless, in whatever way, Catherine Helen Pollit my new partner. she is much less depressed than in recent years. she is already getting more out of life. thanks to ken for his help with this. love carl. , Healing for PTSD and Trauma , healing for a bike injury that was severe! , Graeme perfect health , J perfect house, C complete health, A perfect school , My kidney health a perfect outcome , Wendy , Tiff - perfect health , Liz: ease, courage calm trust, confidence, security, gratitude, abundance. Perfect, abundant healing Centre, financial abundance. Liam: complete health Kieran: grounded, loving and loved and centered. Mark; confidence, creativity abundance.