Reiki Healing List

By using the Reiki Healing List (click on 'Make your Entry'), you will attract the support of The Awakening Network's Reiki Healing Circle. The members of this international group of trained Reiki practitioners have committed themselves to offering one half hour session a week of distant Reiki Healing to all who are on this List.


You may put your own name on the List at any time. However, where others are concerned, there is an ethic in Reiki circles. This requires that all people who are offered distant Reiki healing are to give their explicit consent before the healing session. So, please make sure that you ask and secure the consent of those whom you put on the list before doing so.


Once you have put your own or someone else's name on the list, you don't need to do anything else. However, anyone who wants to be available at the time can do so. The healing session will occur each Sunday for half an hour. During the time, the recipient simply sits or lies comfortably and relaxes as much as possible.

The time will always follow immediately after the Link-Up Meditation time that Ken and Elizabeth Mellor conduct at 7.30pm (1930 hours) on Sundays. So you would remain receptive from 7.30 to 8.00pm (1930 to 2000 hours). If you are unsure what time this is in your part of the world, you can check easily by going into the following Website. What time is it around the world.


Many people have experienced the wonderful benefits of Reiki healing and have marvelled at the changes they experienced as a result. While no guarantees are made about these results, we do recommend that you try it and test the results for youself or others about whom you care.

After trying it out for yourself, if you notice any changes for the better, please recommend it to others.


You can use the Reiki Healing List for any condition with which you want or need help.


The simple steps are set out clearly for you. All you need do is to type the name or names of those you wish to add in the place provided. The name of the person (first name only), or a brief description of the condition is all that is required. To get started click on the "Make Your Entry" button above.


We would love you to share the results that you associate with the process. Should you find outcomes occur that you can think or feel are to do with the process of the List, then please let us know in the Success Stories part of the List. Click on the "Success Stories" button above.