You will need:

  1. Your Network ID Number (e.g., 1234).
  2. This was sent to you when you joined the Network as a member.
  3. Your last name with the first letter in upper case and the rest in lower case.
  4. If you don't have this information, contact us and make sure your put
    what we send you in a safe place for future use. We have to retrieve
    it manually and this is time consuming.

To Login to the Members' Area:

  1. Click on 'Login' under 'Members' at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  2. Type your ID Number in the Username Slot.
  3. You type your Last Name in the Password Slot.
    (Upper Case first letter and Lower Case for the rest, e.g., Smith).
  4. Click on 'OK'


See the picture below.

    Steps for Login