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This part of our site is composed of documents that we think will be of general interest to those who visit it, as well as documents for special interest groups within the Network. Additions are made regularly.


The Glamour by Elizabeth & Ken Mellor. (Published in the The Awakening Network.Inc. Newsletter: April,1995, No.41.) Covers the importance of staying true to the truth of our lives, the truth of the quest in which we are engaged. Urges us to avoid glamorising our experience or the experiences of others. Refers to some of the ways people cover truth with fiction.

Challenges and Spiritual Expansion by Kathryn Schofield. (Published in the The Awakening Network Inc.Newsletter: November, 1994, No.40) How to approach the experiences of life so they lead to further Awakening. A simple description.

Effects by Elizabeth Mellor. (Published in the The Awakening Network Inc. Newsletter: August, 1995, No.42)Actions have an effect on the people, situations and events around us, so do thoughts and feelings. Recommends we guard violent thoughts and feelings, and cultivate love and blessings towards others. Gives some affirmations for helping make these changes.

Empower Yourselves by Ken Mellor. (Published in the The Awakening Network Inc. Newsletter: February,1994, No.38) People have a choice about how they respond to the challenges of their lives. They can go with the "inner" flow of events, or they can face things and take responsibility for themselves. A few hints on how to do this.

Guidelines When Visiting Masters by Ken Mellor. (Published in the The Awakening Network Inc. Newsletter:November, 1994, No.40) The value of visiting Masters presented. Helpful orientations to adopt while with them suggested and discussed.

Meditation: The Value, Getting Started, & Assessing Progress by Ken & Elizabeth Mellor. (Published in the Enhanced Living Magazine: Vol.1, No.2 - Feb./March 1994) Recommending the value of meditation. Simple guidelines on how to find a teacher and how to approach the process of learning. The student's experience is the final arbiter of success or otherwise.

Opening the Heart - Workshop Notes by Ken Mellor. These notes are handed out at a meditation and healing workshop designed to release love into many aspects of life. They are composed of the meditations that are practised during the workshop. Many people have found each of them valuable tools for feeling love for themselves, learning to release love in their relationships with others, promoting healing and accessing the Love that is Life Itself.

Meditation: Practical Tips and Common Questions Lists ten common areas and answers frequent questions in relation to those areas. Very simple and easy to understand. Can make a big difference to comfort and progress in meditation. The suggestions are well tried in practice.

Problems with Telepathic Sensitivity by Ken Mellor. (Published in The Small Groups Newsletter Vol. 3, No. 3, December 1980) The article discusses some of the common problems people have when they are sensitive to other peoples energy, perceptions, thoughts, feelings and other processes. The material indicates that many experiences that people have that may be defined by others as suspect or even crazy, are the perfectly normal consequence of this type of sensitivity. It gives a beginning way of understanding some of what may be occurring.

Practical Spirituality in Major Crises by Ken & Elizabeth Mellor (Published in the 2nd. Annual Mind, Immunity & Health Conference Workbook, Gawler Foundation, Victoria, Australia, 1996) Outlines basic positions and perspectives on spirituality, an understanding of some important aspects in the genesis of problems, identifies some phases in the way people live through major crises, suggests some of what helpers can do from a spiritual standpoint, and outlines three practice exercises.

The Network by Ken Mellor. (Published in the The Awakening Network Inc. Newsletter: July, 1994,No.39) Using labels does not give us true realisation. We need to go deeper than this. Includes descriptions of the relationship of the Network's legal and administrative structure to the task of promoting the awakening process. Describe the Network system as a network.

The Celebration of Life by Ken Mellor. (Published in the The Awakening Network Inc. Newsletter: April, 1995,No.41) Edited version of a letter sent to a dying friend. About Life and finding Life even in the processes leading to "death".

Wisdom by Elizabeth Mellor. (Published in the The Awakening Network Inc. Newsletter: August, 1995, No.42) About the nature of wisdom and what is involved in developing it.

You Can Help Change the World author unknown. (Published in various places includingRainbow Network, Auckland, New Zealand, The New York Times, Seattle, U.S.A., andThe Awakening Network Inc. Newsletter: February, 1994, No.38) Presents doing kind and helpful things as a way of changing the world. Everyone can participate and it can be a joyous thing to do.


ADOLESCENCE: The Six Stages And What To Do About Them by Ken & Elizabeth Mellor (August, 1998). These are notes distributed at a workshop of the same title. They give summary information about the six stages, how to recognise them, the earlier stages being recycled, the learning the young person is doing and what parents can do to respond helpfully. It is concrete, practical and useful material.

Dealing with Some Aspects of Bullying: Encouraging Students to Adopt a Respectful Style of Communication by Marc des Landes (October, 1996). Bullying is a widespread phenomenon in schools in many parts of the world. Marc discusses ways of recognising and dealing with "put-down" humour amongst schools students. Several useful strategies are presented. The ideas are useful at both the school and home.

General Guidelines for Raising Twins by Ken Mellor (August, 1998). Gives ten general points about raising twins so they arrive at adulthood capable of living autonomously. Many co-twins have difficulties in adult life, if they are not encouraged to cope independently of each other. This can be done so they individuate as well as continue to share the benefits of their twinhood.

Getting Things Done by Ken & Elizabeth Mellor. Suggests that children from the age of about six years are ready for learning how to do things that need to be repeated day after day. This learning is crucial for them if they are to develop qualities, such as, reliability and persistence, and if they are to have the capacity to take on any adult challenges that require repeated effort over a long period.

"If I've Told Your Once ... " by Ken & Elizabeth Mellor. Reassures parents that it is worthwhile repeating things many times, since repetition is a normal and necessary part of learning. Indeed, if parents do not repeat themselves, children will not learn. This information is a great relief to many parents who think that they must be doing something wrong, if their children do not learn things immediately, or if they have to nag them to get them to do anything.


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