Regular Programs

Regular activities are conducted in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and U.K. Some areas have on-going programs, while others organise programs only when the Network's teachers visit.

You will find the contact details for the organisers in each area below.

You can also look at the specific programs for different geographical areas by clicking on the "Upcoming Events" button in the Main Menu to the left and then going to whichever country you are interested in.

Meditation Meetings

People meet regularly for meditation in a variety of places. There are both formal and informal groups. The formal groups that are listed here are run in association with the Network, offering programs that are completely consistent with the mainstream of teaching. Informal groups also get together. These are run by people who have started their own groups, who themselves, or whose members, do not want a formal link with the Network. (Should you be interested in starting a meditation group, you will find some information under Starting a Group in the Meditation Directory that is accessed through the General Directory.)

Select the country in which you are interested to find out the details of regular meditations.


Activities occur mainly in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.


Regular meditation evenings are conducted in several places in Victoria.


Wednesdays: 7.30 to 8.45 pm

Starts with short talk by Ken or Elizabeth Mellor (Click here for talk topics)

The first Wednesday of each month, February to December

Times: 7.30 to 8.45 p.m.

The new Venue is “The South Melbourne Community Centre.”
Address: Corner Park Street and Ferrers Place, South Melbourne

Tel.: 03 5793 8477

Cost: Donations are welcome

The Second to Last Wednesdays of the month, February to December:

Contact: Ken or Elizabeth Mellor
Time: 7.30 to 8.45 p.m.
Venue: Northcote area (telephone or email for directions)
Tel.: 03 5793 8477
Cost: Donations welcome

SEYMOUR AREA (Central Victoria)

These sessions are held at Ken and Elizabeth's home near Seymour in Central Victoria. These evenings are mostly conducted in silence with the opportunity for direct transmission from Ken and/or Elizabeth during that time in what is called silent Darshan.

Sundays: 7.00 to 7.30 p.m.

Contact: Ken or Elizabeth Mellor
Venue: 10 minutes from central Seymour (telephone or email for directions)
Tel.: 03 5793 8477

Cost: Donations welcome



Contact Person

Kinka Gerke-Unger,
Am Ebelfield 18, 60488, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel: 06976 752415

NEW ZEALAND - Wellington

Monthly Sunday Meditation

For information about venues and topics
contact George Packard.
Tel: (04) 934 8629

Every Tuesday Night

Meditation and Chanting

This weekly meditation class is for people wishing to learn to meditate or wishing to continue theirmeditation practice with support and guidance in a group setting. 

All are welcome.

7.45 to 9.00pm

George and Jenny Packard's home
69 Raroa Rd,
Kelburn, Wellington.
Cost: $12 per session.
Tel: (04) 934 8629

Every Wednesday Night

Meditation and Chanting

All are welcome.

8.00 to 9.00pm

Jane Aitchison’s home
107 Miramar Nth Rd,

Cost: donations welcome
Please phone before first attendance – (04) 380 8133.




Contact Sue for information about what is happening in the area.

Contact: Sue Howells-Richard
Chevreuils 34
La Chaux-de-Fonds
Tel.: 32 968 3261


An extensive meditation program is conducted in a variety of locations in the U.K. The following are the major ones:


Staying Connected Group
Monthly (or about six-weekly)
The venue varies, so enquire

Jan Doyle: 0117 942 9594;

Pat Simmons: 0117 977 4683;


Starting on Wednesday 12th September 2012
there will be weekly meditation from 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
at Healthy Spirit (see below).  The meditations are based on
a combination of Eastern and Western practices and the
classes will cover different aspects of meditation.

For more information about the kinds of meditations practised,
go to:

Full instruction will be given each time so beginners are always welcome. 

Healthy Spirit,
37 Barlow Moor Road
Manchester M20 6TW.

The meditations are based on a combination of Eastern and Western practices and the classes will cover different aspects of meditation including:

  • Mantra meditation and other internal spiritual practices

  • Meditations for more relaxed living by expanding our consciousness of the world around us, our daily lives and our health and wellbeing.

  • Releasing our full creative potential, achieving our goals and solving problems

  • Creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment in three ways:

    • in our thoughts, feelings and other internal processes

    • between us and others around us

    • in the wider world generally.

    • Living more fully centred in our own natural processes

Full instruction will be given each time, so beginners will always be welcome and there will also be benefit for experienced meditators in regular attendance.  For more information about The Awakening Network and its programs, go to . The classes are free and donations for Healthy Spirit will be welcome.


Marina Baugui
Tel:   07976 372698                             

Jim Hirsch
Tel:   07833 924702



Sundays: 7.15 to 9.15 p.m.

Gordon Law,
5 Bawdsy Avenue,
Malvern. WR14 2EW

Tel.: 01684 566 268


Fridays: 7.15 to 9.15 p.m. (Fortnightly. Contact Rachel for details.)

171 (2F1) Causewayside
Scotland EH9 1PH

Rachel Campling
Tel.: 0131 668 1749


An extensive program of workshops is held each year within Australia and in New Zealand,Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Details of the arranged for this year are available by clicking on the "Up Coming Events" button in the Main Menu. The workshops include both those conducted by the Network's principal teachers, Ken & Elizabeth Mellor, and others.

Anyone wanting to attend workshops or to arrange to have workshops in their area can directly contact the Network in Australia. Workshops are divided into two general areas: meditation workshops and practical daily living workshops. A list of the available workshops and their descriptions are available by clicking on the "Training>Training Materials" buttons in the Main Menu. A large number of workshops is available.


Classes and courses conducted by Network trainers are run regularly in different parts of the locations. The subjects vary greatly and include issues of practical relevance to everyday life and issues to do with meditation. They include classes on couplehood, parenting, studying, exams,relaxation, success, yoga and physical movement The classes generally are run with weekly sessions that extend for six or more weeks. Contact the primary organisers in your area for detailed information by clicking on the "About The Awakening Network>Contacting the Network" buttons in the Main Menu.