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You can arrange to receive weekly meditations by email. These were developed by Ken and Elizabeth Mellor. Many people are finding them very valuable. In fact, since they were first introduced in about 2001 the numbers of people receiving them have stayed around 600. Many of these people also send them on to friends.


They are sent out each Monday to the email address you specify. The idea is to do the meditation each day for a week and then shift to the next one that arrives on the following Monday.


The meditations are in an unfolding sequence that is designed to take you through helpful meditative processes that can contribute greatly to your life.


These meditations are low-demand if you want them like that, because you decide on how much time to spend on them each day. Of course, you can make them as high demand as you would like by doing them for longer and/or more often.


Everyone can benefit from regular meditation, so having something to do regularly is a bonus. As well as that, having a regular reminder helps many people to keep going when they might otherwise not do so. At the same time, the variety available through the eMeditations contributes greatly to people's progress. The range of meditations that are covered as the weeks go by also helps some people deal with the monotony they experience when doing only one or a limited number of meditations over a long period of time.


"Imagine having an Enlightened Master personally visiting you each week and whispering profound meditation techniques over your shoulder. Imagine if the Master visited you not just once, but every week for the next two and a half years or more! This individualised, personal training is available in this profound and powerful course. This is a step by step practical journey into profound wisdom, bliss, insight and the depth of your own heart. It is simply one of the best training programs I've found. Week by week the techniques build and deepen. Imagine the benefits of having 190 weeks of specific instruction. The course transforms the mundane to the mystical and the practical into the profound." (Mark Thornton, author of Meditation in a New York Minute)


Contact us at the Network if you have any questions of comments. Keep well and enjoy the meditations.

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