People who meditate come to appreciate the presence of others when they are meditating for the benefits this brings to all involved. While this is often experienced directly when we meditate with others in the same physical location, it is also true when we meditate with people at the same time. The Link-Up Meditation is practised within the Network to make available the benefits of sharing.

Each Sunday, Ken & Elizabeth Mellor meditate twice and encourage as many people as possible to join them at those times, wherever they are in the world. The times are 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. (Melbourne time) and they meditate for at least an hour. The number of people meditating at these times is increasing rapidly. As the number increases, the benefits of the experience also expand.

During the Link-Up Meditation, we establish an active international field of meditative energy that is available to everyone in the network. Each person can draw on the resources in this field to support any aspect of their own Awakening, any project in their own or others' lives, or any influence for Union and Fulfillment in any region of the world or the world as a whole. As you meditate at these times, you are likely to find a much greater intensity than you experience in your usual solitary meditations. Increasingly, too, as you become more experienced, you may start to experience both general and specific aspects of the sharing that the more advanced members of the Network make available by the presence during the meditation.

At times, it seems to those of us who participate in it, that the Link-Up Meditation has been a significant contributing factor in the resolution of many issues: personal, couple-related, group, community and world. Evolution, change, development and growth seem to have occurred with surprising speed, depth and ease. We encourage you to join in and find out for yourself what you experience.

We predict that you will appreciate increasingly that, when any purpose is shared in meditation, there is a great magnification, or build up of intensity and energy (grace) in relation to that purpose. Ken & Elizabeth started this meditation so everyone could harness this phenomenon and experience the benefits. They encourage us to share the purpose of intensifying love, life, vitality, joy and all good things, with everyone. We do this by sharing consciously these qualities with each other during the Link-Up Meditation, and of course, at other times too. Our sharing of this intent increases these things in our own lives and simultaneously makes them available to everyone in the world.

You do not need to have done the Mantra Meditation used in the Network to join us in the Link-Up Meditation, so feel free to join in as soon as you like. However, it is worth mentioning that others have found that their experience becomes even more intense and helpful after they have done it, so this might be a worthwhile step for you to take, also. (See Mantra Meditation in the Meditation Directory.) The Mantra seems to create a natural and beautiful bond between the people who share it, a bond that is freeing and releasing, as well as connecting and supporting.


The meditation begins with some specific steps that help everyone create the energetic links that are part of the meditation. As these links are established, the energetic field starts to build. Once the meditation starts, what you do is up to you. Choose according to your special interests and concerns.

Step 1:

Get yourself grounded or earthed by being aware of the physical things and events around you and your bodily sensations. Use all your senses to do this - look around, listen to sounds, feel and touch, taste and smell. Also, notice the sensations in your body - any sensations. Then close your eyes and be aware of what is supporting you - what you are sitting or lying on.

Also get yourself well centered. This involves having some awareness of that aspect of you, the observer, that is aware. So you would notice the physical aspects of your experience and the part of you that is noticing these. Do this casually and easily.

Step 2:

Have the Vedic Mantra repeating in your Third Eye (the point between your eyebrows) and/or the Biame Mantra repeating in your heart. As you do, realise that, by living this repetition fully, by being it, you have access to Oneness with the Divine, with the Ultimate, with God. Allow the realisation of this Oneness to saturate you completely. Be the Ultimate. (If you do not have a Mantra, repeat the words, "I AM Love", "I AM Life", or something else that appeals to you.)

Step 3:

Open your awareness to the others sharing the Link-Up Meditation with you. Cultivate the awareness that there are many, many others sharing this time and sharing the common purpose of being One with the Ultimate. Notice anyone physically with you and anyone else you think you can detect. As you do this, practise awareness of two things: first, that you are aware of others meditating, while they are practising awareness of you, and second, that others are practising awareness of you, while you practise awareness of them. In other words, each of you is practising awareness of all the others, while appreciating that the others are practising awareness of you.

Step 4:

Dwell in the presence of each other and cultivate an awareness of the field created. While being available to this, meditate in any particular way that you desire.


One basic part of the meditation is to do it at the same time. So you will need to work out when to meditate in your part of the world, according to the current time differences.

Several things are relevant to this. The base times will always be at 10.00am (1000 hours) and 7.00pm (1900 hours) Melbourne time. This is Eastern Australian time. During the summer months, this time moves one hour earlier, becoming summer time. The time changes to summer time in late October each year and back to standard time in late March each year. So you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly. If your time also adjusts between summer and winter, you will need to make the necessary changes too. These will be in addition to the ones made because of the changes in Australia.

Check what time this is in your part of the world by going to