Ken & Elizabeth Mellor

Ken and Elizabeth founded The Awakening Network Inc. in 1984. Prompted by strong international interest in their work as urban mystics, they formed a non-profit organisation that is designed to encourage sharing between all who are interested. You can find out more about the Network by exploring your way through the Website using the menue to the left.

Their personal areas of interest and skills cover a broad range, most of which are included in some way in the Website. Generally, these include mentoring in a variety of settings (personal, business, spiritual), writing (parenting, children's stories, and on spiritual issues), running workshops and training events internationally, and continuing their own spiritual practice and their personal training.


Urban Mysticism is a practical form of spirituality that embraces every aspect of life. People who are interested in developing or continuing some form of spiritual practice to enrich their everyday experiences and to open themselves to the wonders that lie within, usually take to this approach very easily. Very simple and basically personal in nature, people can practice alone or with others. Also, there are many different ways of doing it. People linked to The Awakening Network share only one of many versions of what people can do. So it comes as no surprise that Urban Mysticism is open to all who are interested, whatever their backgrounds and interests. The Awakening Network helps to link people who are interested in living day to day life easily and happily, and in opening up to and realising the wonderful grace, love and aliveness that is "inside". The Network also makes available opportunities to learn and practice with others who have similar interests.


Many visitors to this site are interested in the Mellor's views on parenting and child rearing. Some also want to purchase their books, tapes and other materials on this area. If you are interested in parenting or related subjects, then go to the General Directory and look for the "Parenting and Children" button. This will take you to a directory with the relevant options.


Ken and Elizabeth do lots of consultative work. They run seminars of various lengths for Teachers, Parents' Groups, Child Care Workers, for people interested in personal and spiritual development and for others. For details of what they do and their availability contact the Network. You can email from this site, or use the other contact details you will find at the bottom of this page. All enquiries are welcome.


Contact the Network to find out Ken's or Elizabeth's availability for giving public lectures or workshops. They travel extensively, so early booking is important. Both are very experienced and very entertaining. They emphasise practical, useable and common sense ways of managing various aspects of life. You will find some of what they can teach in the "General Directory" and by clicking on the "Lectures, Courses, and Workshops" button.


Please feel free to contact the Network in relation to any of your questions or interests. We will do our best to respond helpfully. The Network's contact details are at the bottom of the page.