These events are run by Ken Mellor &/or Elizabeth Mellor,
both of
whom are accredited social workers registered by The Australian Association of Social Workers.

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Combining Grounding and Mindfulness

Combining Grounding and Mindfulness to Produce Deep Resolution and Healing

CPD Endorsement #: AASW105401
FPS Relevant Training

Date: 7th & 8th May, 2015
Times: 9.00am to 4.0pm
CPD Hours: 12
FPS Relevant Training

Venue: AASW Melbourne Office
             Level 7, 14-20 Blackwood St.
             North Melbourne, Victoria
Fully Catered: for Breaks and a Light Lunch

Facilitator: Ken Mellor MAASW, MAGPA, CTA & CTSTA
contact@awakenw.net (for information)
Mobile: +61 0413 046 785 (for discussion)

Combining grounding and mindfulness produces an approach that is immediately easy to use and expands its value as experience increases.

The overall goal of the workshop is for participants to leave having learnt this grounding-mindfulness approach to working with clients. (Ken Mellor’s work on grounding has been published and referenced in peer reviewed publications and many thousands of people have learnt the process. Also, mindfulness is currently one of the most researched meditative practices for dealing with a myriad of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual conditions. It dates back over 2,000 years to early Buddhist practice.)

The grounding-mindfulness procedure is helpful in both formal and informal contexts where it helps to deal with many issues, including:

  • opening up communication
  • managing mild to intense feelings
  • resolving unfinished business (recent or long-standing, mild or extreme)
  • clarifying thinking
  • developing personal confidence
  • establishing physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual equilibrium
  • preparing for challenging encounters in the future, and
  • healing the underpinnings of significant physical conditions.

Paired and small group exercises, role plays and direct instruction will be used to ensure everyone participates in the processes. The goal is for all to leave carrying a helpful internal imprint of each element of the processes that will be readily available to them after the workshop. Various handouts for expanding the learning will be given out during the workshop. There will be many opportunities for questions and discussion, including how to use the approach in different contexts and to deal with a variety of issues.

Also, various themes will be developed throughout which will relate to the use of grounded mindfulness in everyday practice. These will include at least a beginning understanding of:

  • The value of learning the process and practising it for our own benefit.
  • How our skilful use of it releases its full power in our contacts with others.
  • That our mastery of the processes significantly influences the outcomes for clients.
  • That our grounding draws our clients into our states of imbalance or balance when we are more or equally as  grounded as they are.
  • That we will be drawn into their states of imbalance, balance or openness, if they are more grounded than us.
  • How to use the approach both formally with clients, and conversationally with people in many different settings.

People can make many wonderful changes by using grounding and mindfulness. This is due to the way grounding releases a natural “digestive process” inside us. The faculty doing the digesting and the results will be explored in detail. Exercises will be used to give direct experience of these in relation to:

  • current experiences
  • past experiences that are still unresolved
  • reactions to anticipated experiences in the future
  • inner blockages to our direct experience of expanded states of consciousness.


Ken Mellor's bio and further information about the workshop:  CLICK HERE