Meditation for Modern Living: Weekly 19th July - 16th August


This five week meditation course offers really helpful meditation practices designed to help you live more easily and well.

 Total cost: $75.00 ($15.00 per class
 Times: Weekly on Saturday Mornings from 10.00am to 11.30 am
 Dates:  19th July to 16th August
 Venue: Unit 3/105 Victoria Road, Northcote (Vic)

 Outcomes: To help you to

  • generate greater personal fulfilment
  • stay in balance no matter what
  • harmonise your relationships
  • create the life you want
  • process feelings effectively
  • actively promote your health and well-being

  Leader: Zoe Edmonds

Zoe has been teaching meditation for 15 years. She specialises in making what she knows of
relevance for people living in modern urban contexts. To this end, she only teaches  specific practices that are of proven value in everyday life.

She has a unique and interesting clarity that enables people to understand what she is saying  and to apply it to their own particular circumstances. Because she is also able to personalise
  her teaching, people can make their own sense out of it.

  Added to this, she brings joy, fun and a commitment to learning that supports others in their own learning
  and its application in their daily lives. Her high
level integration of her professional knowledge, her
  skills and her years of experience as a meditator also offers a profound and inviting model for everyone
  she teaches to emulate.