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Autumn Sanctuary: 25th to 28th April, 2019
Residential Workshop
Hilldene (nr. Seymour) - Victoria 

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TOPIC: Transition - Summer to Autumn

Dates & Times: 25th - 28th April
8.00-9.00 am arrival on 25th (Thurs)
Approx. 4.30pm Departure on 28th (Sun)

Workshop Content


Autumn is here again and it is time for our annual Autumn Sanctuary. This is a four-day residential workshop designed for us to make the most of the environmental transition from summer into autumn. During this, everyone becomes very open to inner states of tranquillity, ease and awakening.

As we move from summer to autumn and live through this beautiful seasonal transition, our systems open to a significant change. This change gives us a wonderful opportunity to absorb the extra intensity that autumn offers.

The Autumn Sanctuary makes it possible for us to do this in a supportive, meditative community, in a beautifully relaxing environment. Our conciousness is drawn inwards particularly powerfully at Manawa because Ken and Elizabeth Mellor, the facilitators of this workshop, have lived there for over 20 years and have constantly bathed it with their awakened serenity.

This tranquillity feeds us and nurtures us as we digest any disharmony or disturbance. Peacefulness and serene confidence about life and living often arise naturally in this environment.

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24th to 30th August, 2019
(Hilldene, Victoria)


Workshop Content

In the presence of Life Itself we experience utter silence, stillness and transparency. In Life we can discover our Selves as we never have before. The hunger or thirst to do this is powerful in everyone for we all know that our completion lies here in our Selves. We know that we need to 'go in' as 'deeply' as possible, that we need to connect with the Source of Life within.


The Process

It is perhaps obvious that to succeed in such a profound endeavour, we need to have sufficient time for both the exploration and the awakening to occur. Perhaps it is also obvious that the way we live our daily lives often makes this difficult. The seven days of this residential workshop are designed to maximise the time available for fulfilling the above purposes.

The extended time enables us to practise silent cultivation of personal awareness and oneness, to experience ourselves and our Selves with increasing intensity and clarity. It also enables us to pass through a series of inhibiting thresholds to our awareness that our normal lifestyles simply don’t allow enough time for us to complete.

Come and join us. Many people leave at the end of this workshop having made profound changes.  And many have returned year after year to keep expanding and awakening so they can live their lives with ongoing grace, love and presence.

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Ken and Elizabeth MellorKen and Elizabeth Mellor have years of international experience running communities and leading workshops that combine meditative practices with personal growth strategies. They are inspiring spiritual masters and mentors. Always down to earth, they are fun and practical. People usually feel comfortable and safe when with them, and open up to the transcendent, explore their lives in depth, reach decisions that make living easier, and commit to using their new understanding to expand and awaken.

Both are Masters of Meditation, healers, and spiritual mentors. They have extensive experience in working with people from many different backgrounds. Ken is also a psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapists, while Elizabeth is a trained rehabilitation counsellor and critical incident stress management practitioner.

They are both recognised for their accomplishments through their membership of Meditation Australia, the peak body for recognition of meditation teachers in Australia.  Their listed areas of expertise are given as personal development, therapeutic and Spiritual.  Also, both are registered social workers and members of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

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Leaders:  Ken and Elizabeth Mellor

Dates:  24th to 30th August, 2019
Times:  8.30am arrival on 24th August. Depart at about 3.30pm on 30th August. 
Residential Workshop
(Silent Darshan every night except Tuesday)

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NOTE: This is a residential workshop to be held at Manawa. Information about the process and things to bring with you will be sent to participants before the event.