Ken Mellor
Swiss Program
20th to 25th October

Ken Mellor

Ken Mellor has over 35 years of international experience leading workshops that combine meditative practices with personal growth strategies. He is an inspiring spiritual master and mentor. Always down to earth, he is fun and practical. People usually feel comfortable and safe when with him. This makes it easy for them to open up to the transcendent, explore their lives in depth, reach decisions that make their lives easier, and commit to using their new understanding to expand and awaken. He is a dynamic and skilled teacher.

He is a Master of Meditation empowered to initiate others, and a spiritual mentor. He is also a professional Social Workers, psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapists,. He and Elizabeth (his wife) have written several books on various aspects of meditation, spirituality, wellbeing and parenting. His contributions to Transactional Analysis are well known and taught internationally, and his writing on spirituality and everyday life has been recognised with two separate international book awards.



20th to 22nd October, 2017

Meditation has the power to change us profoundly and to impact the world around us directly by drawing the world into alignment with us. As we change the world changes too. And we can deliberately use this connection to promote desirable change.


Each one of these virtues has a hidden orientation that makes the related meditations more effective than you may initially expect they could be. As we cultivae them, we learn to take the power of what challenges and delights us and use it to produce wholesomeness, creativity, joy, etc.

Acceptance is a powerful starting point. Paradoxically, this is often primarily acceptance of what we seek to change. With pracitice, however, we will learn to accept the existence of people, situations, and events, which opens pathways in and around us for transforming them.

Cultivating Love is the next one. Starting with ourselves, it leads to the softening of rigidity, the release of past pain and outrage, and to promoting wholeness, reconciliation and mutual respect. Here, the paradox is learning to love in the face of what we find most unlovable: for example, poverty, ISIS Jihadis, disease, pain etc. In the process we also discover that Love does not mean agreement!

Life is a force that perpetually brings us into wholeness, aliveness, health, mutual balance and much more. We will practise meditating into the presence of Life in order to discover and release the flow of Life Energy through everyting. It is a powerful, ongoing force for completion, and fulfilment. Paradoxically, when at one with Life, our perseverance is automatic. It compels us, we don't compel it, for perseverence simply is!

As promised, participants will be taken through several profound meditations that stand alone as well as deepening the meditations participants have already experienced.

Dates: 20th to 22nd October, 2017
Times: Friday 13.00h – 21.00h, Saturday 11.00h – 21.00h, Sunday 9.00h – 17.00h
Fees: CHF 420
Venue: Atelier Brambergsteig 1, 6004 Luzern
Leta Vonzun
: info@atelierbrambergsteig.ch



25th October, 2017

Experiencing wholeness, union, sharing, caring and blending with others is fundamental in a life of vitality joy, fulfilment, health, wellbeing and spiritual awakening. This is because so much energy is tied up and unavailable to us when we are in conflict, polarised with people and events, "at war" within etc. For whatever the conflict may be, the primary energy tied up in it has to be matched with the same level of other energy somewhere in our systems. Otherwise it would leak out and not be contained. This means that the energy we are not dealing with has to be matched with equal energy to keep it inside us. Having even very few inner collectinos like this is debilitating, and holds us back in life.

To understand this, briefly consider what you are currently dealing with internally or with others. If you are not in harmony with people, consider the energy in your feelings, thinking, impulses and desires. Who do you get upset with the most in your life? Who do you worry about? Who and what stimulates strong reactions in you: family, friends, neighbours, collegues...?

These types of experience are called polarities or impasses, and they are responsible for many of the problems that we encounter in life because of the way they sap our energy out of us. For each polarity has at least two parts that are sepparated by some inteference to union or oneness. And each of these three elements is a bundle of energy that is caught in our systems.

The good news is that there is a powerful way to release these energies and make them availble for living asily and well. Resolving all aspects of such inner processes is enlivening and a huge relief because it frees us to be fully available and to be bathed in our full vitality.

During the workshop we will practise identifying these polarities and resolving them with two powerful meditations.

There will be English-German translation.

Date: 25th October, 2017
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Fees: CHF 180.-
Venue: Atelier Brambergsteig 1, 6004 Luzern
Leta Vonzun
: info@atelierbrambergsteig.ch